Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ognir's TiU Radio podcast 2/2/2014 - The Wrong Path

Ognir discusses the many topics that are on his mind.


Ognir's The Information Underground



Anonymous said...


Is your LAST broadcast, you said that Dr. William Pierce advocated for the genocide of the non-white races.

Could you provide a link; article or Audio File in which he proclaims that he would like to see the genocide of the non-white races?


I have been listening to Dr. Pierce as well and I have not heard him advocate for the genocide of non-white races.

Thanks, Roy

Christopher Marlowe said...

Interesting show. Ognir's English is very much improved.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say, "IN your last broadcast..."

Unknown said...

This soft-brained pinhead needs to pack it in. He should have years ago. DBS and his cronies are no longer valid. PACK IT IN!