Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our German Ancestry 2.10.2014

The Battle of Huertgen Forest.
Although the battle did not officially end until February of 1945, the major part of the Battle of  Hürtgen Forest was fought during the 3 wet, cold, miserable months of  mid-September through mid-December 1944.  The battle claimed 24,000 Americans; killed, missing, captured and wounded, plus another 9,000 who succumbed to trench foot, respiratory diseases and combat fatigue.


Our German Ancestry (TalkShoe)


RJ said...

We shouldn't have ever been there. All those horrible deaths. Not to mention the countless German losses. Fuck you israel! La Quenelle!

Beep said...

Listened to quite a few of his podcasts, Rob doesnt seem to know much about his topics and waffles a lot. Disappointing.