March 30, 2014

Voice of Albion 2014.03.30

• October 1944 – Americans capture Aachen (the first City of Germany to be occupied by the Allies)

• Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler requests Otto Skorzeny to form the ‘Werewolf Resistance’, but Skorzeny already has many duties to undertake
• SS General Karl Gutenberger takes up the recruiting, training and organizing  of Werewolf recruits
• Hitler Youth and German Maidens volunteer for  Werewolf  training in large numbers
• Himmler orders the execution of ‘Burgomasters’ (Germans’ who aid the Americans in setting up a occupied administration within the Reich)
• Burgomaster of Aachen -Franz Oppenhoff panics when the Ardennes Counter Offensive erupts just a few miles away
• First V1 Rockets land in German occupied territory just short of the Belgian City of Liège
Charles Whiting. Werewolf

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