Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals

To some it seems that Sandy Hook has opened a Pandora’s box of conspiracy and lies. As more is revealed each day, however, the information has started to beg the question: What if the secrecy did not start on 12/14/2012….What if Newtown, the Sandy Hook event—whatever one wishes to call it—was business as usual?

Let us take a look at a certain mysterious aspect of Sandy Hook, and Newtown, that predated the Sandy Hook Event (SHE). Without speculating if there is a conspiratorial, or even sinister reason for this, the facts stand:
Certain Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals, at high rates of succession and repetition.
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Pat Colo said...

So THAT's the reason for "The Happy Sandy Hoax Actors" !!!

The pretend "families" also ought to get over a million apiece from United Way's collections alone!

Reminds me of when, in 2010, the Israel lottery drew the same numbers as 3 weeks before-- an event statisticians said was a one in four trillion chance.

The 3 "winners", who also correctly guessed the 7th "strong number" each won £666,000.

Sandy Hoax, rigged "lotteries", same kosher perps both places.

Screen Actors Guild member "FEMA Gene",

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Pat.

Considering the last ice age was 10,000 years ago, and none of the Bible had existed even in the mind of anyone, I'm not buying that Israel's lottery randomly generated the same numbers after three weeks.

Unknown said...

We are still in an ICE AGE. Anytime there is ICE anywhere on the planet is considered to be an ICE AGE. Normally, throughout Earth's history, there is NO ICE anywhere on Earth.

The Bible is a history/genealogy book; however, the principles of the Bible have always existed within any religion at all times. The Bible's principles include morals that enable the creation of healthy families and thus healthy Nations.

Anonymous said...

I could let myself get taken away from the point of my comment by analyzing the morals taught in the Bible, but I won't, since the reason I mentioned the Bible is that it's a reference point for ancient history, and directly relevant to Israelis, and when statisticians said in that article that the chances of the same 7 numbers coming up in a lotto happens about once every 10,000 years, Israelis should particularly regard it as unlikely as biblical miracles suddenly taking place all of a sudden.

Unknown said...

reminds me of whitey bulger hitting the lottery after buying a ticket from the very liquoor store he himself owned ,but it is all just coincidence right