Thursday, June 12, 2014


Guest: Drew

Nick and Drew from Renegade Broadcasting discuss:

  • Drew's past interviews and his evolution
  • Geopolitics
  • Affirmative Action and other racial topics
  • Patriot Movement and its controlled opposition

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Pat Colo said...

I caught the last 1/2 hour or so of the live show where home-schooling vs the encroaching commiejoo-core dumb-down program, and you 2 gave a nice overview of home schooling, with Drew's description of his whole K-12 life being home schooled.

Question is though, how long before legislate that the home schooled need to pass periodic tests demonstrating that they're keeping up with the core curriculum? You know, like holohox indoctrination, taught as non-fiction? Keeping compliant with this would suck up a lot of home schoolers' time!

This site has a pretty good commiejoo-core news links page,

zapoper said...

I think I may have misjudged your passion for "truth" as someone who was deliberately trolling Pat.

You can now use your regular ISP to get in here instead of proxies.

Aleksa said...

A good show,I have enjoyed most of it.
BUT,nukes are fake!?
Come on Nick and Drew,be fucking serious and don't fall in t a Jones and fakeologist type of lunatic noncence!
Keep it serious on things we can prove,not some speculations you have no idea about!

First ,non of these who claim nukes are fake have any education in chemistry or physics!
Just a bunch of guys with too much free time fantasizing and analizing videos and then making this idiotic conclusions!!

I am half Macedonian half Slovakian.
My Macedonian family lives on a border of Serbia and Kosovo,which was heavily bombed with depleted uranium during 1999 NATO agresion!
In that part of Macedonia a heavy radiation is defected during the bombing and its there till this day!
Health problems and cancer has sky rocketed since, for about 300 times.
Children and catle born with heavy deformations and in Kosovo and Serbia even worse!
Everyone that mentioned that is emidiatelly silenced!
Look at Iraq,Falujah or Afghanistan where heavy deformation of born children became a common thing!!
Also how many NATO soldiers stationed in those areas suffer terrible diseases!

I would take these fucking people ad lock them in these areas to prove nukes and radiation does not exist!!

Come on people,what the fuck is wrong with you!!??
You Americans are weerd bunch of people!
Coca cola and McDonalds dfinatelly got to you!!!

Google documentary,,DEADLY DUST,and then go there and tell these people that they are lying,while having two heads,three legs and a fucking horns!!
Crazy Amerikwans!!

Anonymous said...

Drpleted uruaium and nuke clouds are two different things. You seem to lack an education in nuclear science as well. As if Nick and Drew were McDonald's Americans. Pfffft

Unknown said...

I agree with Aleksa. And I am American.

Unknown said...

So now depleted Uranium is proof of laughable Jew Nukes? LMAO! You are half idiot and half gullible.

Aleksa said...

First ,I didn't mean about coke and McDonalds that Nick and Drew are these types.
If they were ,they surely wouldn't make these great shows and be smarter then avarige zombie!
Excuses to Nick And Drew,I didn't mean you guys!

Second,no I am not nuclear scientist,but I have seen that radiation exists first hand!
In a village that was untouched,where chemicals never entered,where people were healthy and never visited doctor,now there ,since these bombings, young and old people get cancer and so many unknown deseases which never were the case there.
Institute for nuclear research have detected very high amount of radiation present to this day!
One of them said that if it was up to him ,he would move these people away from there!

Nukes are made of enriched uranium,depleted uranium is nuclear waste.
Results are very similar in post effects!
Both produce terrible amount of radiation,WHICH EXISTS!!!

You are McDonalds Amerikwan!
You, I would lock in Chernobil!
You are moron type that believes that Elvis is still alive!
You also probably are a ear research type!
You are this stereotype Amerikwan that probably wheights couple of hundred kilos!

You are one of not many here that is capable of reasonable thinking!
I follow your comments here and agree with them!
You are smart American,and if there were more of types like you,America wouldn't turn in to a shit hole that has become!
Cheers to you!
Sadly the majority of Americans are retards like the one that commented above!!

rodin said...

I can vouch for Pat

rodin said...

"First ,non of these who claim nukes are fake have any education in chemistry or physics!"

Nukes are fake and they have something else IMO. Relativity is a dire hoax as is much of cosmology. IMO

I have a PhD in Chemistry

That is not IMO

Anonymous said...

What is your cosmology model?

Anonymous said...

BC can you get try to get Rodin as a guest please.

He seems knowledgeable and i think
he would show more decorum than the rerevisionist did towards callers.

BnC said...


Thank you for that suggestion. I have seen Rodin comment here several times and found his posts to be of value.


If you ever want to get on skype for a chat, let me know. I'd like to know more about your work and see if we can put a show together.