Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Will You Do If They Make It Mandatory To Take An Ebola Vaccine?

If Ebola starts to spread outside of Africa, and especially if it starts spreading inside the United States, people will be absolutely clamoring to get this vaccine.  But will it be safe?  And there will certainly be millions of people that do not want to take this vaccine under any circumstances.  If the outbreak gets bad enough, will it be made mandatory at some point?  If they do make it mandatory for all Americans to take an Ebola vaccine, what will you do?
Up until now, there has never been a vaccine for Ebola.  But as Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Instutites of Health recently told “CBS This Morning”, that could soon change
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crawdadnorthdakota said...

if they make me take an ebola vaccine I'll insist on one for anti semitism as well.