Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tape 2 of Sandy Hook 911 Calls - 911 Operator in background at Center says "Sandy Hook is Fake" - Also Rick's statement's do not make sense

This is the first call that Rick Thorne "Acting Head Custodian for the day" at Sandy Hook is on the phone.

The important part is at 1:56 when you hear a woman at the 911 center say " Sandy Hook is Fake?" in a shocked and disbelieving tone.  Then the male 911 person who is talking to Rick Thorne sounds upset and says "Jen HANGUP I need to you get OFF that phone!"
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butike said...

Sorry to burst your bubble on this but she isn't saying Sandy Hook is fake or anything like it. She says "are you in a room, are you safe?"
Original audio here.