Thursday, December 4, 2014

Internut Weirdo "Lord Lindsey" threatens to Get Mami's "Taken Down".

Well? Do Ya?
Online Fantasist and well-known weirdo "Lord Lindsey"; an admin on the TIU blog and ex-pizza delivery boy, has threatened to Have Google "Take Down" the mami's blog for "Defamation".

" I will be filing that formal-complaint, and see to it that action is taken, LEGALLY, if I must.  Lindsey on This site is a "Lindsey-Free-Zone". - 04122014

 "You are posting illegal content, and that will not be tolerated, either."
Lindsey on Jeff Rense Radio Show - 04122014

"I am taking legal-action against this site, and have put Mr. Zapoper on-notice. Lindsey NB: You can find what I have to say here, at TIU, in-case you thought that I was fucking not serious about this"Lindsey on This site is a "Lindsey-Free-Zone". - 04122014

" I am making all of this public, so that people know what you have done, and this site, too. POST THAT..."

Ermm...we already have. I think people are getting a pretty good idea of what you're doing here. Guess they'll make up their own minds.


Here at Mami's, we have the right to choose who we allow to post, and who to Spam-box for outright lies, falsehoods and personal attacks. This "Character" has been a frequent abuser of our sites editorial policies for the last couple of years. Hence his being permanently banned from here, and various other sites.
All his outbursts, character slurs,accusations and outright lunacy has been judiciously copied down and stored for posterity. It can be produced at any time to provide evidence of his character and state-Of-Mind to Google,or anyone else that this ....individual threatens to "Jew-Sue" us with.

So, we look forward to "Lord Lindsey" attempting to explain all his various theories,public outbursts and on-line attacks against Jews and other types on Oath to any Judge in your country. I'm sure they'll listen to his effete whining voice with sympathy and kindness. We will be more than happy to provide them with everything he's ever typed online.

Your move, Punk.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Lindsey's a paid shill, but it was right to remove his comments when he kept repeating that this movement is a joke. Such talk will not inspire positive action. He did have some good things to say here and there but he kept dissing the movement and made himself seem above it all like a scolding school teacher.

And for the record, I don't buy his story from a year ago about waking up all kinds of people on a train, saying there were technical problems with the two pen cameras that prevented him from sharing the video. There's simply no need to make up stories just to boost one's credibility. Let's leave that up to the paid shills like Alex Jones with his Bohemian Grove infiltration tale.

crawdadnorthdakota said...

there's 2 types of people in this world, those that deliver pizza and those that eat it.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Lindsey was "acting out" about 2 weeks ago on TIU. LL started a thread where he attacked Scorpio OUT OF THE BLUE for a Scorpio's claim from many years ago that Ron Paul was a freemason/mason/brick mason/vindemaison.

Anyone familiar with LL should know by now that he has a penchant for histrionics. Scorpio limited himself to a terse response and then ignored LL as a general might ignore a confetti canon.

Unfortunately, some at Mami's do not suffer fools so lightly. I don't deny that Mami's has the perfect right to ban LL, but I felt that the gay bar thing was taking it too far. By making these sorts of claims, you are really just being hurtful. Perhaps, if pressed, you might tell yourself that you are "teaching Linds a lesson", but really you are just being a bully to the weak boy. The only lesson being learned is that you are more powerful than LL.

Is it possible that some mature person could practice just the slightest amount of charity? Could Mami's apologize to LL for the gay bar joke and make nice? Could LL apologize for being a general nuisance?

Innocent Smith said...

This post was extremely funny.

But I don't know anything at all about a gay bar joke.

However, since I trust a good bloke like Christopher Marlowe, I have to agree with him.

Let the poor lad apologize and be done with it. He spends lots of times perusing sites and contributing. Obviously his feelings got hurt. That can happen to anyone who gets this involved in these matters and is constantly posting and such.

We know he's not a Jew, right? So how about we try to forgive and forget?

zapoper said...

All this peace and love crap doesn't fly here. I know for a fact that Lindsey was going behind the scenes and making a big deal out of the fact that we had agreed to make scorpio an admin.

This guy is disruptive at the very least.

You guys don't see what's going on with him but we do.

Foon1e was right to call him out on it and now it seems like his thread has been deleted over at TIU. ROFL

Imagine the laughs that the google admins will have with this one. Mami's shit ain't going down!