Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Israel Bombs Syria ... Again: Hits Ag Centers, Warehouses

Further reports suggest that the targets of the Israeli jets were an agricultural airport in Dimas and an import-export warehouse in Damascus. Both of these locations are under control of the Syrian military and involve supplies and food greatly needed for the Syrian people.
These targets, of course, fit in with the larger trend of both Israeli and American airstrikes in Syria in the past that have targeted civilian locations, Syrian infrastructure, Syrian oil refineries, and, particularly, food centers such as grain silos.
While airstrikes are conducted under the guise of defeating ISIS, the fact is that these airstrikes have done little to even inconvenience the terrorist organization which itself is funded, directed, trained, armed, and controlled by the U.S., NATO, and the GCC. The airstrikes have been largely aimed at Syrian military interests as well as necessities of the Syrian people.
The attacks come as the Western-backed forces of the Islamic State launched a major assault on the Syrian air base in Deir el-Zour. That attack was ultimately repelled and defeated by the Syrian army.
This is by no means the first time that Israel has attacked Syria in support of the Western-backed terrorists or even the first time that it has done so in coordination with them.
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Paul T said...

Piece of shit Jews. Going after the infrastructure and food for nation.

This a project of 'Greater Israel', ultimately it forces people out of the ME and into white nations.

This creates more conflict in white nations.

Piece of shit Israel is ultimately a project of Rothschild banking and international Jewry.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Paul T: The Jews are doing the same thing in America, But in a different way.

Buy having their Whores in Washington D.C divert Billions of dollars of Road Funding to Israel every year.

Buy forcing G.M.O Foods on to the market, Fluoridation of the Water, Aspartame, Soy, Disodium Inosinate, Sugar, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Aluminium phosphate.... Bla..Bla..Bla

Different ways , Same Shit.