Wednesday, February 18, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.02.18

Dr. David Duke discussed statements made by former long-time French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas in a recent interview that France's current Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, is under Jewish influence due to being married to a Jewish woman. Dr. Duke noted that while there is a very widely held view in the Jewish community that marrying non-Jews is a betrayal of the tribe, many Jewish commentators have acknowledged that a certain rate of intermarriage actually strengthens Jewish solidarity and promotes Jewish interests. This is because it ejects from the core Jewish community (and gene pool) those individuals that are less ethnocentric while at the same time creating a population group of mixed ancestry that still tends to be very supportive of Jewish tribal interest and that can more easily infiltrate the upper echelons of gentile society.
Dr. Slattery joins the show and said that there is a natural tendency for people in mixed marriages to relate to the heritage of their spouse, and that this tendency might be particularly strong among Europeans. He recalled that Jewish University of Pennsylvania Professor Moshe Lewen, one of the world's leading authorities on the Soviet Union in the 1920's, told him that even the non-Jews in the Bolshevik leadership "loved Jewish women." Of course, these gentile Bolsheviks were complicit in the great crimes committed by the Jewish Bolshevik leadership against the Christian population of the Soviet Union.

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