Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.04.30

Part 2 of the Transfer Agreement discussion

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Anonymous said...

1 hour 15 minutes in, Charlie said:

"I can't prove that [Alfred] Rosenberg [was] a Jew anymore than you can prove that he wasn't."

Except that there is indirect reasoning to strongly suggest he wasn't Jewish. If he was secretly Jewish, then where are the quotes of top National Socialists saying he was? Let's get their names and let's see what was attributed to them, and then verify if it was authentic and then consider the weight of their evidence.

With the Nuremberg Laws in place, it wouldn't have been easy to hide one's Jewishness, especially in such a high position. There were Jews in certain positions in the Reich, but in the highest level positions, it would be too obvious and demand an explanation.

Anonymous said...

At 1 hour 49 minutes, Charlie identified Julius Streicher, author of Der Sturmer, as a Jew, saying his real name was Abraham Goldberg.

Except that the name was put up there as a fake name, according to this source, and if you do a search, there aren't any major sources saying that was his real name.

"His body was cremated with those of the other Nazi leaders and the ashes, ironically under the cover name Abraham Goldberg, were scattered into a small stream near Munich."

WV Foundations said...

Julius Streicher was not a Jew nor was his name Goldberg. Charlie is either having fun to drive up audience or is simply using bad info. There are people who genuinely believe everything and every one and every organization is Jew controlled EXCEPT themselves of course. Interestingly, using Charlie's method, he would pass muster as a Jew Agent as he is attacking everything and everyone and causing hate and discontent without any sources except his opinion and readings. I have yet to hear Charlie cite a single source. I make a point of citing sources , listen to my last appearance on Deanna's Show. I will cite a LOT of sources on may 9th. Most of Charlies rants are emotional based and can easily be construed as personal based as opposed to intellectual based. Charlie does not understand that his opinion and personal grievances are not Facts.

Anonymous said...

CG is Mr. Humbug.

blake121666 said...

I just saw an interesting debate that I think a Mami admin might want to post between Greg Johnson and Jonas De Geer called "Legacy and future of Christianity in the West - A Debate". It's even transcribed on Johnson's website at:

In that link is the youtube link:

I think many Mami visitors would be interested in this.

Unknown said...

Rodney, on Deanna's show from the other day you said that David Irving has made some strange statements about Hitler in the past couple of years as though he may have been changing his previous position. It seems like I saw something about that on ZCF's old site a year or so ago but it is now taken down and I cant find any more info. Could you tell me how to find the stuff Irving has said recently?

WWS said...

A strange thing that David Irving stated awhile ago is that he has never read "Mein Kampf" – because it was written by others! However, he did read the "Secret Book", also known as the "Second Book", which was definitely authored by Hitler.

WV Foundations said...

@WWS, Irving also says "table Talk" is 100% accurate, yet it has been refuted by Hitler's Staff, including the original stenographer charged with take the notes of Hitler's casual conversations. BUT one of the most silly recent statements by Irving is his authentication of Nuremberg Documents and statements that executions along the River Bug was "genocide and part of the "Holocaust" when in fact these were anti-partisan operations taken against Red Army troops who had thrown away their uniforms and continued fighting after having been caught behind Wehrmacht lines in the early rapid advance of the Wehrmacht in June/July 1941. I predicted a few years ago to many, based on my own conversations with Irving, that he would stipulate to the Holocaust in his new "Himmler" book, but lay it all on Himmler. Interestingly he will have a problem with that based on the recent release of nearly 20 years of personal letters between Himmler and his wife wherein NO reference is made regarding any executions or other fatal harm to Jews, despite other antisemitic statements in the letters.

Unknown said...

Is Charlie Giuliani alex jones in Disguise, Charlie you have lost the plot.

Nick said...

Alfred Rosenberg came from a Baltic German family, and I believe his mom was Estonian. There were families like this from the countries that went back to the Teutonic Knights. Unless his family members were secret crypto-Jews for generations, saying he was Jewish is absurd. I would say that Charlie was just going by the sound of the name, but I think what's really going on here is that Charlie just really needs to believe that the National Socialists were part of the bad guys (Zionists).