Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.06.09

Guest Dennis Wise and Graham discuss:
  • The Greatest Story Never Told and Why Dennis created the documentary
  • The effect of the documentary on people
  • Pearl Harbor
  • General WWII history
  • Multiple topics...etc
(Music edited out to avoid DMCA notices)

NB: At the start of the show, Graham plays a short tribute that Vin made on Sunday about John Harris' suicide. If you think he was killed, then listen to this show and tell me that this guy wasn't depressed and hiding it behind a few bottles. Like Vin said: " Unless you have some proof, shut the hell up! "

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Unknown said...

there it is .....been waiting .....thank you

Asskickfilms said...

Dear MS - Thank you for uploading my shows. I can't find another way of contacting you.

Kindest regards - Graham Hart

Asskickfilms said...

The Graham Hart Show has a Facebook page.

zapoper said...

You're welcome Graham. It's not a tedious job to edit your shows since I enjoy listening to them.

Asskickfilms said...

Many thanks indeed Zapoper. That's very kind of you to say so.

Asskickfilms said...

You can contact me here zapoper: It would be good to have direct contact with you.