Friday, July 10, 2015

Spingola and Friends 7/9/2015

Deanna talks about Michael Collins Piper's False Flags: Template for Terror and The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within.


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Zeetip said...

Deanna on the Pete Santilli Show March 31 '14:
Advance to 2hr 7m for the top of Deanna's 1/2 hour interview. In it, you'll find the following:

PS: Still, you can't say with absolute certainty that you know what happened with Sandy Hook, right?

DS: Well, yes, you CAN say exactly what happened, because, they have come out with all the reports, [...]

PS: So, you've said you read the reports, and, I'm not even going by the conspiracy theories. How do we know that we're to trust those reports? Can we?

DS: I think that, yes, I think you can.

PS: Human beings, and human beings make intentional errors sometimes too, so we have to also consider the other side of the coin. Yeah, that isn't the do all end all be all; the sources of information we have to conduct our research, unfortunately I think are kind of tainted as well.

DS: Ah, I disagree with respect to these. These are just the, the officers that were there; they talk about what they saw.


More transcriptions, with commentary and images from this 1/2 Deanna appearance at:

Same for Deanna's infamously disgraceful "interview" with Halbig: