Friday, July 10, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.07.10

Keith Preston on "Attack the System!" & Evelyn Gilbert on AK-47s, Malala & Charlie Hebdo

First hour: Anarchist author-provocateur Keith Preston, author of Attack the System.

Second hour: New Zealand 9/11 truth activist Evelyn Gilbert sees parallels between the alleged AK-47 shots fired at Malala Yusufi and on the sidewalk outside the Charlie Hebdo offices.

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Nona said...

They mention the BRICs banks. Braz- Russ- India-China.

Supposed to oppose the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar is controlled by the Fed. Reserve...part of the IMF.

HOWEVER, the "C" -China (Yuan) -in BRICS- invited Christine Lagarde (IMF) to join them. Ahe said, "she would be delighted."

After this bit of news, nothing else has been publicized....but you can bet your bottom dollar, that in the background, they're working on it...the IMF is NOT going to stay out.

So, we can assume the IMF has it's claw in the BRICS currency now.

I wonder what's the point of BRICS, then, because it's going to be the same ole same ole....for We, THE People.

Ah, it's a Dog and Pony Show.