Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2015.08.16

The Greek situation with guest: Greg Felton

I added gain every time Greg spoke. I guess he was using a string phone.

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Nona said...


I didn't appreciate your guest saying,"taking away women's choice" in abortion, and you laughing at his words.

You must be blind to what's going on. The abortions are reported to "partial birth" at 8 to 9 months along, where the baby is already fully formed. At this point, it outright butchery. But the point isn't even about morality or ethics, but the greed for money of Planned Parenthood. The women gets nothing.

Abortions at an early stage is passable, say, from 3- even 6 months. And yes, I am Pro, is there is rape and incest, and even, a danger to the life of the mother, but not any cases of "partial-births." Why would they wait so long?

And another thing, the majority of the butchery is done on "Caucasian infants, otherwise, all the vids wouldn't show white skinned infants. Talk about low-birth rates for Caucasians! Or not replacing themselves.

There doesn;t really seem there aren't many abortions done on Black or Mexican infants. The christian religion of Mexicans prohibits abortions.

When a Society starts killing its unborn, the Society begins to destroy itself, as well.

NO Partial-Abortions!

A Woman

zapoper said...

@ Allat Goddess

You're not even in the right thread. The abortion comment was a satire of how the GOPs are and was made on the Saturday show. You should copy and paste it in this thread and delete the one above.

The Sunday show for this thread was strictly geopolitical in nature and focused on Greece and the banks. Moreover, it was a much more interesting show than the Saturday one. I spent two hours editing it so that you guys could listen to it without having to constantly change the volume. The original recording is good for the recycle bin as far as I'm concerned.

Negentropic said...


2 hours? lol This file must have been a friggin' disaster! I just took out the commercials in an old Giuliani show and added different levels of gain in 4 or 5 different spots and it only took about 20 minutes.

I know you've been doing this stuff for years but here's something useful I found out as a rank amateur piecing together all kinds of shit with completely different volume levels. If you're using Audacity, save the file section you're working on every single time you put gain on it and re-paste it back into the original audio right over the section (highlighted) that was low in volume (you can always undo it if you make a mistake). To try to do it all in one take takes too long and a lot of times the different gains in different sections are not stored by Audacity but only ONE gain level is stored. If you save it first and then re-upload each section, the different levels of gain are always saved and the final file can have 20 different gain levels and be more-or-less listenable. Plus this way, it's much better protection against crashes.

There are some brilliant audios from the past that have terrible sound on my hard drive that are definitely worth working on to repair but 99% of the shit out there is one-listen-only and sometimes not even worth the one listen run-of-the-mill stuff.

Spiritual currency is the best kind.

zapoper said...

I could have done it in 20 minutes too but I was listening to the show at the same time and I was glad that the show ended prematurely.

I don't like Audacity. I use mp3DirectCut which is lossless. It takes me 10-15 minutes to remove ads on Spingola'Sunday three hour show.