Monday, September 28, 2015

Arabic Speaking Ukrainian Woman tells what the “Migrants” Are Really Saying about ‘Infidels’

A European woman who speaks Arabic translates what the Muslim migrants were saying when they thought she didn’t understand their language.

As if this isn't enough to get your blood boiling about how thoroughly you're being lied to by your governments (about why they're accepting these Religious 5th Columnists and parasites?)
Here is the translated speech of the Hungarian Prime Minister addressing all the issues from NO Go Zones to terrorists, to EU incompetence and corruption.


Negentropic said...

Great speech by the Hungarian prime-minister Viktor Orbán. All the internet WN's combined couldn't give a speech that well thought out, tempered without an ounce of compromise, intelligent and bold. Too bad he still has to kiss Jew ass, just like Putin, when it comes to the holohoax.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Now, can you just imagine, ladies and gentlemen, can you just imagine.... were American leaders to address the Southern border issue with equal decision and planning ~ and fearlessness.

Excellent combination of the two videos. The woman on the street and the politician who actually addresses the issues.

This man is to be commended despite whatever failures he might have been involved in ~ his solutions are known to many of us but to get up and verbalize them as he has takes courage; he flies in the face of the JWO with aplomb. Well worth the listen if only to see how other world leaders actually see things.

BillyBob said...

If You follow Chris Kendall, and Pearse in this podcast: "There aren't enough refugees in Europe to bother anyone, Hungary by not wanting the "few refugees according to Mr. Redmond" are just being Racist Fear Mongers. Nice Job Chris! I think most people might have challenged those statements by Pearse, but Not YOU!

Woodchuck said...

Yeah, I'm done with hoaxbusters. I didn't even finish listening after I heard that bs.

Negentropic said...

@Drew Carter

Next time I call into Chris's show I'll read him the English translation of this speech by Orban and see what he says, if he's critical of this amazingly intelligent and fair speech or not.

It's got nothing to do with "racism" it's about preserving cultures and and standards and ways of life that have taken thousands of years to develop. If other whites were invading your culture, the exact same thing would apply. No Irish wants to be invaded by the British and vice versa, although their cultures are certainly closer to each other than to Islamic culture. The more cultures we have, in their own separate zones of residence with their closest brethren called countries, the better. That is real "diversity" and individual people remain free to mix their race, breed or cultures or not but not free to FORCE alien cultures and ways of life on anyone else. I love how Orban used analogies of somebody's family house being invaded to drive his points home on the personal level everyone can easily understand, but without dumbing anything down.

This is the kind of leader all nations should have.

Negentropic said...

Absolute maximum of 10% foreigners, but only foreigners fully respecting the culture they're migrating to and willing to assimilate and not cause any trouble, should be the cap for any countries who value and want to preserve their native cultures.

Roy said...

I get the feeling this Hoax Buster movement believes the "Jew" is a hoax. Just about everything is fake to these people.

foon1e said...

It's pretty much a given that if you're determined to find and debunk hoaxes? Then you're predisposed towards seeing them *everywhere*. This doesn't negate the need to thoroughly investigate every claim or theory pushed out into the public consciousness as a "Truth". In Fact, I'd propose that it is vital to "Keep an open mind" about practically everything Humanity has been "Educated" to believe during this cycle of Civilisation. After all, doesn't the Lie of the "Holohoax" a lot of us have been awakened to necessitate our duty to question anything fed to us by our respective Governments?

Most of us who query the "Official Narrative" fed to us are able to discern for ourselves the "Truth's" that make most sense;given the available evidence we can find. But we *are* a minority within our respective societal groupings for having the patience and inclination to do this. Our investigations lie outside the purview of the "Collective Consciousness" most of Humanity labours under the influence of.

This is what makes us dangerous to those dedicated to maintaining the carefully constructed "Official Narrative". *WE* are guilty of Rocking their Boat every time someone questions the reality that surrounds us:Both in the physical and theoretical worlds. That thought comforts and invigorates myself every time it crosses my mind. It is a comfort that I live in a world where people *ARE* still able to question everything. That we haven't yet given up because it gets too difficult to continue to maintain a contrary philosophical or Political opinion inconvenient to those who "Believe" they rule us.

And that those who would stifle investigating the "Truth" behind dearly cherished "Beliefs" because it offends their personal sensibilities? They are guilty of the same "Thought-Crimes" of the Jews;Elites;Free-Masons,and every other Interested party dedicated to maintaining the current matrix - because it's in *their*;not Our Interests to do so.

Once you comprehend that, it becomes a *Duty* to our own families,friends and Loved ones to continue to Investigate *Every* posited Truth out there.(Even if they do come to think of us as Insane for wanting to do so!)
This is why I run my own Blog,and help out at mami's. And I would say this applies to all of us Admins, Mods and site owners too.
As long as there are people prepared to "Bust Hoaxes" out there? Then we still have a fighting chance to rescue the rest of Humanity from itself. That realisation *IS* an essential Truth. Everything else is personal opinion - which matters little without evidence that satisfies ALL to back it up.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Great speech by a brave leader. I wish we had one like this in the US.

The great hoards are an invasion without weapons. And if you don't let them in, you are "raciss". It's odd that all of the Jewish MSM throw the spotlight on the raciss white countries who won't open their borders to the masses of illegal immigrants, but no one questions why the Jewish state is starting all of these wars in the first place.