Monday, September 28, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.09.28

Covering the 4 different versions of Jesus in the Bible.

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Woodchuck said...

Crap...1.5 hrs only...cutoff with a commercial ):

Oona Craig said...

Giuliani expends a lot of energy fighting the shadows of a literal interpretation of the NT. He believes that the Four Gospels are the "unerring" word of God and therefore concludes that the four gospels must not contradict each other.

The fact that the four NT stories are mutually inconsistent is not relevant to exposing the fairytale nature of the NT.

In the 4th century many gospels gave various versions of Jesus's life and teachings. That is why Constantine convened the Bishops in the 4th century and ordered them to reconcile the differences. The bishops ended up choosing four gospels -- the writings that they thought most accurately summarized Christian beliefs and accounts of Jesus's life.

The gospels naturally are inconsistent. All "witnesses" do not tell the same story. Witnesses notice different details and interpret what they see and hear differently. Some later scribes may feel compelled to add details that explain what they see as gaps in the records of the accounts.

No one can conclude that Paul knew nothing about Jesus's life based only upon Paul's letters, because we do not have ALL Paul's letters.

The Bible is a collection of Jewish fairytales or, in the case of the NT, wisdom literature; but the idea that the NT can be debunked by citing contradictions is a tempest in a teacup.

t brad said...

the kjv buybull was written in like 465 years ago and has been rewritten many times since. only a yiddiot beleies such bs. tell ya the truth i will be glad to see zionists xtards be rounded up. i'll buy the popcorn.