Saturday, September 12, 2015

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 9/6/2015

Robert discusses the jews and their jewed-up ways.

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zapoper said...

It should be mentioned that this is commercial free.

Og said...

I suppose Zap, having it religious free would be difficult

Og said...


a follower of eric jon phelps (just mentions jews all the time)


zapoper said...


Steve said...

I wasn't aware that Catholicism was ever on the rails. The Scriptures have been misinterpreted and misunderstood and spiritual allegories/myths taken for actual history since the third, fourth century and the earth soaked in the blood of its victims for centuries since, so much for being led by any Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

This show was worth the listen, This Roth chick was the person who showed me the Israeli Art Students in the WTC with stacks of detonators. pretty damning evedence. If we don't wake up are comrads the tribe will kil us all. ~muppet