Saturday, September 12, 2015

James Fetzer: U.S. government was complicit in 9/11


Negentropic said...

Actually, not just the US government, and not just the ENTIRE US MEDIA, but THE ENTIRE WORLD'S MEDIA was fully complicit in the 9-11 false-flag PSYOP. Until Fetzer acknowledges that proven fact and until he stops pushing his absolutely bullshit hologram and nuke theories, just outright DISINFO, he's nothing but a shill who uses established street-cred on Sandy Hook, Boston and later PsyOps to push his same old BULLSHIT No-Planer gatekeeping line (only the planes were faked, everything else was real, holograms and nukes were used, just complete GARBAGE) on 9-11, the same one he's been pushing since 2008.

Fetzer used to be a person I trusted and followed for at least half a decade. Now, knowing what I know today, I wouldn't trust him further than I could THROW HIS FAT ASS, and it would be hard to throw a 300 pound FAT old man more than a couple of feet.

i1 said...

knowlege of nukes at ground zero really terrifies the tribe. If the hillbillies ever learn to read a periodic table, it's expulsion time. Ain't happening.

WWS said...

Because many valid videos are extant,
there are but two options with WTC-7:

1. Proof positive: controlled demolition.

2. You don't see a controlled demolition.

If the obvious is clear, then the proper
procedure is to issue indictments, or to
convene a grand jury in order to do so.
(Investigation into the exact methods of
destruction would run concurrently.)

But the rub is that no matter what facts
there are, there will be no indictments!
The kikejew stranglehold on our legal
system insures this – at least for now.

Even so, the clarity of WTC-7, when
compared to all other aspects of 9/11,
make it the "smoking gun". Everything
else leads to numerous scenarios which
obfuscate through argumentation.

Too much TALK
is how the kikejew wins!

Negentropic said...

@"Because many valid videos are extant,
there are but two options with WTC-7:

1. Proof positive: controlled demolition."

You can show videos building 7 to people until hell freezes over but it remains a fact that none of the videos are real shots of the real "controlled demolition" of WTC-7. The videos of the WTC-7 "correct" controlled demolition (bottom up) are also all fakes. Plus they were announced ahead of time, not just by the BBC, but also by Fox news (although few people know this since only the BBC foreknowledge was emphasized by fat-boy Jones and Loose Shekels).

What does knowing, for a fact, that they also faked this video, show you?

That this was given to the alternative media as a false "smoking gun" to protect the real smoking gun (Media Fakery, the whole thing was a pre-manufactured movie aired as "live" in many parts as needed, the real demolitions, 7 buildings in all, not 3, and 2 damaged across the street to be demolished later, making a total of 9, were done behind a simple military grade smokescreen; not a single person was killed) from being discovered. Why? Because the real smoking gun being discovered ruins the fear-based trauma programming of the 3000 victims and real plane hi-jackings and crashes, both for the mainstream and alternative media dupes. The media narrative remains fear-based trauma for everyone who has not discovered that it was faked. Actually, the fear-based trauma levels are even higher for the Alex Jones, Loose Change and Christopher Bollyn followers because their scenario goes even further, their scenario shows "globalists" or "Jews" framing Arabs with "remote controlled planes," a ridiculous absurdity that would have been extremely risky, outright stupid and unnecessary to try.

They just faked it in a studio. Simple as that. And the lie was so gigantic, so huge, that few will refuse to believe it, since few will believe that anybody will have the balls to lie as big as that . Few will allow the thought into their head that they were duped so easily and in such a massive way, by such simple methods long known and used by Hollywood.

Also, by emphasizing building 7, all the alt-media followers ignore the fact that the only thing needed to prove 9-11 was a fraud is that the highest temperature jet-fuel burns at can never even melt steel, never mind cause a near-perfect pulverization of 2 buildings into their footprints (albeit on faked top-down, shock-&-awe video to go along with the narrative of the plane hits having caused the collapse from the top down."

So, forget building 7. You don't even need building 7 to prove the fraud of 9-11. The melting point of steel temperature already proves fraud beyond a shadow of doubt and the fake videos and images of the planes, the buildings and the victims shut it completely closed. Emphasizing building 7 actually implies the retarded notion that IF planes hit a building, then it is logical for them to pulverize into their footprints in about an hour due to the fire from the jet-fuel. Complete nonsense. That's what it implies and that's why it was given to you, to keep you away from Media Fakery and the simplest proof that jet-fuel cannot melt steel, period. At worst, even if there were planes, which there certainly were not, the entire steel frames of the buildings should have remained standing, even if the buildings burned non-stop for days.

Negentropic said...

@too much talk is how the kikejew wins.

If you have to become a Jew yourself and lie and cheat and distort facts in order to win against the kikejew, then the battle is already lost. If the Marxist, collectivist doctrine of "the ends justify the means" and "by any means necessary" are your idea of a principles to be loyal to, then you have absolutely no business even trying to discover the "truth." What difference would "truth" make in that case, since as soon as any truth clashes with your agendas, that truth will become a lie, by omission or otherwise, that your agenda can float on.

zapoper said...

Please start a blog of your own. I promise that I'll put a link to it.