Friday, September 25, 2015

Iran Key to Unlocking U.S. Hypocrisy on Global Terrorism

Yet for all this asserted Western perception of Iran as a terror state, hardly any credible evidence is ever presented by Washington to support its claims. Yes, Iran supports Palestinian resistance group Hamas; and yes, Tehran is also close to the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance. Both, however, can arguably be legitimately supported as opponents to illegal Israeli occupation.
Other specific acts of terrorism where Western governments implicate Iran, such as the 1983 mass killing of US marines in Beirut or the 1994 deadly bombing of a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires, are largely unproven, if not suspiciously “false flags” terror attacks aimed at demonising Iran. Certainly, the Argentinian government of President Cristina de Kirchner does not seem to place credibility in the allegations against Iran, having dropped a prosecution case over the 1994 bombing.
By contrast, the US sponsorship of MEK and other covert terrorism against Iran is amply documented, if under-reported by Western media. Paradoxically, however, the common Western public perception is the inverse of this reality. Washington politicians in particular are able to wantonly charge Iran with accusations of sponsoring terrorism simply because the Western media have over decades conditioned the public mind to accept this (distorted) portrayal. Whereas US government collusion in terrorism against Iran is scarcely known of, at least by the general Western public.
This cognitive dissonance is part of a bigger problem of dispelling official Western propaganda, as purveyed by the Western mass news media, in order to properly understand the real connection between US governments and international terrorism.
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Don Damore said...

Those who are not involved in activism against their country of Iran, emigrate to Western countries and refer to themselves as Persian.

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"That was in 1982. Over the next three decades, thousands of other Iranian families have been devastated by similar acts of terrorism. A variety of secretive organisations have claimed responsibility for the long campaign of violence. These groups include Jundallah and, perhaps the most notorious, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK, also known as MKO). The organisations are comprised of Iranian nationals who profess opposition to the revolution of 1979 and subsequent governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran. But one thing seems certain: such counter-revolutionary paramilitaries are operating inside Iran with the covert support of foreign powers, in particular the American Central Intelligence Agency and Israel’s Mossad secret service".