Monday, October 12, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.10.12

Columbus Day is now officially the racist: "Day of the Race!" Rise up for our European heritage and freedom!

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Nona said...

David Dear:

You just got the info? It's been "El Dia de La Raza" for decades now.

Columbus was the biggest racist and oppressor in Modern Times.
Get on the stick and do your research.

And frankly, I don't know why you want to defend this...this thug, what does he have to do with you, and the White Race, his origin is suspect. Why would you want to have anything to do with Columbus, when it's documented that he enslaved, tortured and slaughtered, women, and infants.

Whether or not, Columbus was White, I would be so ashamed to include him as part of my People. In fact, I would disavow him!

zapoper said...

He may have been a sephardic jew for all we know. LOL

Unknown said...

The oracle of judaic infiltration - C Giuliani- ascribes the the notion that Columbus was jew by the name of Colon.

Indeed CG has done several shows on the real pirates of the carribbean (jews). Colon got royal approval to establish one of the Carribbean islands as a no-inquisition zone. (sorry cnnot remember which on)

I didnt listen to show so - if that disqualifies me from commenting just delete my comment.

Did Duke not mention any reference to Diffusionism? Or that Europeans had been in the Americas even before the asiatics now called Native Americans?

Amanda said...

Was Columbus secretly a Jew?

Erik Paul said...

Please don't tell the spaghetti-benders in upstate NY where I'm from that Columbus isn't an Eye-talian. They go ape-shit every Columbus Day and grease up the entire town with parades parties and pizza (Sicilian style)...and the vino flows