Monday, October 12, 2015

Response to Critic on Cold War, Putin's Russia, Ukraine, etc.


MC Slave said...

Is this the guy who used to be Zander Fuerza or ZionCrimeFactory and blamed the Jews for everything? If so, wow, things just aren't so black and white!

Negentropic said...

Both Martinez and his critic have a point although Martinez is much more articulate in expressing his.

There might be some "good reporting" on mainstream channels like RT and Press-TV, but you do not know which one of these reports was intentionally let through and which slipped in there in spite of the established modes of disinformation spreading. You have to be aware and wary that the "good reporting" is almost always the bait and buttering up for the bad and not bite on the hook that's always coming, the big lie, the big con, the big score, the big PsyOp. It's always coming. You can bet your last dollar on that. It's the con-artistry principle taken to the world chessboard. Why? Because the media everywhere and not just in the West, is owned by the ultimate con-artists and bullshit artists, the masters of the game. Criticisms of Israel on Press TV and RT are not different than what went on during the Cold War. The valid things are necessary to set up the controlled opposition, to bait you in to that. Then when you start worshiping people like Putin and Trump, in the same way that the Marxists in the West worshiped people like Mao, Che Guevara and Castro, they lower the shaft you never expected. The real tyranny always comes from the most unexpected source. This is in the Protocols of Zion as well as in the Catechism of the Jew in the USSR:

The principle is: Don't be paranoid and cynical because it's not good for your mental health but always be skeptical and distrustful of all media because they are by far the most comprehensively busted con-artists in the world. And if you wouldn't take the word of a con-artist who robbed you of a hundred dollars at face-value ever again, why in the hell would you take the word of the biggest con-artists in the world who have robbed you of all dignity and peace of mind and put generations of your ancestors in the grave much earlier than their time?

Oona Craig said...

The Global Crime Syndicate needs to start WW III real bad, so they can zero out the hyperinflated dollar and initiate BRICS.
The Bankensteins don't start wars until they control ALL sides...they way they did in world wars I and II.