Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Game Over Europe – a ‘Colour Revolution’ is Coming

Every time I see the old, good George Soros saying something about democracy and European values, I know that something is going to happen. This way the case of Ukraine, when George argued that democracy is the most important and when he says that European values are most important and that is why we must accept million refugees every year. How will it end? Probably as usual: fires, riots, overthrowing governments and total destabilization in Europe, more or less as it ended up recently in Ukraine. However, this time, ‘democracy’ and European values are installed on a much wider scale and by pretty determined are going to bring  a ‘colour revolution’ from the Middle East to the heart of dying Europe.
So far, in all there countries where ‘colour revolutions’ were carried out, it was all about overthrowing governments under the pretext of introduction of ‘democracy’. This time it will be different: Islamic fundamentalists, flowing into the old continent will overthrow Europe in the name of fight against ‘democracy’. And no one even tries to hide it, just listen to what the Islamists openly postulated in their speeches. In the end, what’s the difference? Anyway the old order will be replaced by new one. Only a pretext will change: ‘democracy’ will be replaced by Sharia law. 

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Allat Goddess said...

Who would have believed that a few centuries after the defeat of the despicable Turks at the Gates of Vienna, they would overrun Europe, after all.

The European govs./ Elite deny weapons to the populace for self-defense, and the "peasant" cops / military beat the *#@* out of their own kind, but the "serfs" are going to have to get together, no matter, and turn back the islamic tide, a "pico y pala" (with shovel and rake).

One thing for sure, the Evolution of Humanity, evolution in all ways, tech or spiritual, will be halted with islam.

We were going pretty well, in Human rights (incl. Women's Rights) Animal Rights, Planetary ecology (at least, the recognition) and separation of "church" and State. With islam, they will be no such thing.

Fact is, Communism, religions - esp. islam and the One world order, are one and the same.

Unfortunately, our own "Serf" class is working against us, we're going to have to overcome them. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!