Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What Does Russia Want in Syria?

The Western media has portrayed Russia’s recent joint anti-terror security operations with the Syrian government as a means of expanding its influence beyond its borders.
Ironically, the United States maintains over 800 military bases around the world while occupying Afghanistan since 2001 and carrying out armed operations everywhere from Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria to the borders of Pakistan. Russia's only overseas base is in fact the naval facility mentioned by Petraeus. Petraeus never elaborates on how despite such obvious disparity between Russia and America regarding foreign policy, why Russia is suspected of pursuing "empire" while the US is not then completely guilty of already establishing and fighting desperately to maintain an immense one.
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Allat Goddess said...

Ah, Petraus, was a naughty boy, got a handslap, and is now redeeming himself.

What does Russia want in Syria? Perhaps, it's because Russia and Syria have a Mutual defense Treaty? Could that be it? Simple enough.

Oona Craig said...

Russia doesn't want anything in Syria.
Israel wants to force thousands of Arab refugees into Europe so that Israel can create chaos in Europe and a Greater Israel, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.....more room for Jews.
Putin and Medvedev are Jews; the Bank of Moscow is owned by their buddies, the Rothschilds.