Saturday, October 10, 2015

‘Interrupting Whiteness’: National Education Conference to Blame White Teachers and Students for School Woes

The *REAL* Message your Children are being Taught today.
Here you go America! Coloured Students "Fail" because of the "Whiteness" Of your teachers and Student Bodies...And this weekend, a conclave of Educators are meeting in Baltimore to be brainwashed into pushing this message nationally Across the USA.
Anti-White "Liar-In-Chief" Obama wanted "a national conversation on race." This conference is what he meant: "interrupting whiteness" in American schools, "challenging white supremacy," and eliminating the "white privilege" of Caucasian students.


Scorpio said...

Amerikwa is probably the most mentally ill cuntry on the planet. Nothing but bad things await a nation whose life's blood runs on deception, militarization and meddling in the affairs of nearly every other nation across the globe. The current internal agenda appears to be the creation of an uneducated and ignorant slave population - a population without culture or morals, reduced to mindless consumerism, eagerly lining up to purchase the newest iPhone while the nation is circling the drain.

Dy'Nesef said...

I don't know North Korea is probably the most fucked up.

Sweden is probably the most mentally ill in the West.