Saturday, October 10, 2015

U.S. and NATO Launch Disinformation Terror War

The anti-Russia media campaign is failing due to the sloppiness of the instant claims of civilian airstrikes casualties, and this, mind you, by the people who have brought us almost 250,000 dead in Syria alone in their quest for regime change there.
I did not use the term “disinformation terror war” to hype my article, but to draw attention to this outrageous situation where the Pentagon, Obama, and now NATO are claiming that the Russians are in violation of breaking some unwritten agreement that they were being allowed to strike IS targets only; and with no bad publicity if they left the US coalition terrorist units unmolested so they could keep attacking the Syrian army. You just can’t make this stuff up!
Defense chief Ashland Carter made a huge mistake in charging the Russian air campaign with attacking civilians and moderate rebels. The discussions of the Pentagon using all the al Qaeda affiliates against the Islamic State because they were the only ground force available had already been published.
This all came out in the context of the collapse of the $500 million FSA training program disaster, which many are beginning to see might have been nothing more than a ruse to funnel manpower and weapons to America’s new al Qaeda terrorist army. That money may have also gone to pay for the 2500 TOW missiles and the Stinger MANPADS that have been fed into these terror groups, which the American taxpayers funded with deficit spending.
So we have the American people and the world being told that the Russian-Syrian campaign is destabilizing the region because it might eliminate too many terrorists, including CIA terror assets admitted to by Ziggy, which he claimed gave the US the right and duty to counter attack. 
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