Saturday, October 17, 2015

Michio Kaku Lies about 9/11 Physics & Evidence of Melted Steel!
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Negentropic said...

No shit, huh?

And who cares about "melted steel" bullshit, when we already know no jet fuel can ever melt any steel? Who gives a rat's ass about Steven Jones thermite bullshit designed to dupe people into believing the real official story: planes and victims. All 9-11-was-an-inside-job / 9-11-was-a-Mossad-Job limited hangout baits have the same hook: real planes and real victims.

90% of the alternative media deliberately ignores or outright lies about no-planes on 9-11 because they are too emotionally and ego invested in the original bullshit story memed to them by Alex Jones, Loose Change & Christopher Bollyn. Most of them actually know there were no planes. They are not stupid. Yet they deliberately lie by omission and pretend that this was not so. They pretend there were planes and victims (or that it "doesn't matter" whether there were or not; the absurdity that the "how's" of PsyOps are of no interest to anyone) no matter what mountain of evidence is placed in front of their nose. They deliberately push disinformation, fantasy and endless and completely overblown fear.

They are far too duped into thinking these things are always done as real "False Flags" operations when most of the time they are simply media hoaxes substituting as "real" attacks. This is why you see so many of them, since they've streamlined and made them so easy to manufacture with just faked victims every time (and actors playing the relatives and friends, etc.).

The "False Flag" part is only the spin in the alternative media while the fear-based trauma of these operations actually being carried out, rather than merely acted in and aired for the same psychological impact, stays intact.

Once the fakery is revealed, simply by never taking anything, any imagery the media airs as real until proper examination and full authentication, then the fear-based trauma disappears to a very significant degree and the energy drained by that becomes available for other action: namely kicking the asses of those who tried to sucker them in this way for the hundredth time. Very important to conserve that energy and not be traumatized by any of this crap unless there is every reason to be "traumatized" after full investigation.

So how is what this liar Kaku is doing any different than what 90% of the alternative media does by deliberate omission?

El Buggo said...

People need to get out of the virtual reality they created for us 911, or they will be spinning their wheels forever.

t brad said...

50 years from now the sheeple will still be talking this same bs....just like jfk. At least with jfk they got one traitor.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Looking all the information that we have now it is obvious that JFK was killed by a cabal formed with with elements of CIA, the jewish mafia, Mossad, and LBJ and the israeli nuclear weapons being the main benifiaciary.

Thiss is the sam cabal that pulled 9/11.