Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.10.17

Brandon Martinez; Sencha MacRae tells the untold stories, those issues that the government conceals

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Ilya Ehrenberg said...

When asked by Sencha to give reasons for not being a fan of putin, the host provided no substantial answer.

Very disappointing. The host had mentioned in the first segment that Putin is bombing and thus could be killing innocent people. This is a possibility.

Does the host have evidence that Russia has killed non-combatants or that its guided bombs/missiles are not as accurate as reported?

On the Brandon M segment:

Brandon may be correct in his assessment, but imo did not completely dispel the idea that Putin is against the nwo.

Some of the points raised:

A)Did not intervene in Libya - he wasn't able to do so under int'l law. He could have vetoed a no fly zone, so the question is why didnt he?

1) He did not foresee that the west do what they did, thus is not as smart as his supporters make out.

2) He knew what they would do and is part of the NWO (aka JWO)

B) Opposed Chechen self-determination while promoting East Ukraine/Crimean self-determination

1) Good point BM, but he does have Russian interests at heart; and in his stance on Ukraine he again appears to be in opposition to the JWO.

2) Is this "stance" a kind of crisis actor play? Could be

C) The jew ass kissing segment includes anti- holohoax denial

1) could be for just show (on the Holohax - I was disappointed this happened, but read an article which attempted to explain this as a means of countering Russian neo-nazis who are tools of the Judaics)

see Mike King of Tomato Bubble (with a contribution from N Kapner)

NB- Deanna you have had M King on before - please consider getting him on specifically to discuss the Putin question - even though you disagree.

At least BM stated that we need to see how Putin's policies play out to finally know if he is part of the problem or not.

BM is intelligent, so I thank him for his thoughts, even if I remain not convinced completely on his Putin analysis.

blake121666 said...

I don't know where you're from Ilya Ehrenberg; but the question of what good is Putin to a US citizen is: no good. How could such a person ever be in the interest of a US citizen? Do you wish to be a slave to Putin? What designs could such a person ever have for the US? Certainly not any good ones. The savior is yourself and certainly not a foreign 15-year tyrannical dictator of the former USSR. Regardless of what one thinks of the scum running the US today, a foreign country would not and could not ever be any answer to any US problems.

Ruupertti said...

What are the interests of the Russia? The Russia is nothing more than a couple of hundreds jewish oligarchs and mafiabosses. Talmudic utopia.

Ilya Ehrenberg said...

QUOTE:but the question of what good is Putin to a US citizen is: no good. EndQUOTE

Non-sequitor Blake - I never asked this question.
Since you raise it though - Do you think or can you provide evidence that your american government has the interests of the ameriacan people at heart?

What are Russian interests?

Preserving the russian nation:
That means policies at home and in the international sphere. It was the latter that I am currently looking at - Russia's actions to aid the Assad government. If Putin is genuinely trying to screw up the Jewish plan for the middle east then I think that is commendable.

I am waiting to see how this pans out.

It is debateable, and I am not interested in a prolonged internet exchange, about whether russia is still controlled by jews.