Sunday, October 18, 2015

Migrant Crisis and Invasion of Europe Exposed


Christopher Marlowe said...

Europe could withstand invasions because it was Catholic. The Catholic Church BUILT western civilization. After Europe lost their faith, their civilization began to fall. The birth rate of Europe went down because people contracepted and aborted themselves out of existence. People who fear God do not contracept and abort the babies that God gives them. If the people of Europe had 10 children per family, we would not be having this conversation. Nothing will change until people turn to God.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

C/M.. So its the White Mans Fault?
When White people have Babies they have to feed & take care of there own...

When Blacks have Babies the Catholic Church tells the White Catholic Sheep that They must Feed & Take Care of the Poor Blacks! WTF!!!

If the European people would have Revoked the lives of ALL Jews 2000 years ago the World would not be having this Conversation!

Nothing will Change until people learn that RELIGION is just another way Jews control the GOY.

Allat Goddess said...

In fact, it was the Catholic Church that destroyed previous civilizations, and suppressed the creation of new ones. I mean, kept the people down SAVAGELY, all for the sake of control.

The Catholic Church is another name for judaism, the belief of a violent, mad psycho "god"- who punishes its creation, in diverse, ways. And enjoys our suffering.

All thanks to Saul / Paul, the pharisee, who turned the Philosophy/Way, right back in a U-turn to Pharisaism!

Christianity IS Paulism.


Christopher Marlowe said...

SJC9/11: How could you have gotten "It's the white man's fault" from what I wrote? Certainly the Europeans are allowing the Jews to destroy they culture; and letting the European Union eliminate their borders.

But the very idea of those nations of Europe were born under the Church. The languages of Europe did not even exist when the Church began civilization. The idea of the borders of France developed under the Church.

You are confusing the Jew World order message with what the Church has historically done. The Church has always sent missionaries into the pagan countries and brought civilization. The Church came to South America. Did Europe "feed and take care of" those people? No. They built cities and universities. It is also the Church that stopped the Europeans from enslaving the locals. You cannot just make up facts to suit your agenda.

Allat Goddess: You are just making up propaganda that you cannot support. Go to any European capital and see that the most beautiful building is the Cathedral in the center. That is because the cities/civilization was built when Europe was 100% Catholic.

There was no golden civilization that was erased by the Church. After Rome fell, Europe was plunged into darkness, and it was the Church that preserved all that remained. The Church was able to do this despite their libraries and cities being sacked by BARBARIAN Muslims and vikings. The first universities were all created by the Church.

I use REAL HISTORY to support my claims. I do not have to invent mythical kingdoms that no one has ever seen.

If Europeans did not become so greedy and judaized, they would be having more babies and they would not need to import 3rd world labor to support their socialist states.

Negentropic said...


I have no idea how you reconcile your dogmatic religious beliefs with your regular "truth" seeking views, which, as far as I've been able to ascertain from your posts since we were both at the info underground 5 years ago (don't remember you being religious in any way back then), are mostly on the money. You are the only person from those days who fully understands the validity and importance of the PsyOp and fakeology angle all the way down to the vic-sims on 9-11.

Not that I believe any of these limited-hangout fables are necessary for obtaining the benefits of spirituality except for complete illiterates but are you saying that all other sects of Jew-on-a-stick Santa-Claus worship, I mean "Christianity," besides Catholic, are frauds?

Are you so naive to believe that 10 children per family would actually survive in those days? Days when people's idea of "hygiene" was taking maybe 2 showers a year? lol Do you think people could even stand each others' stink in those days, never mind screw and replicate like rabbits and rats? And how many off-spring (where is this "spring"? Can they wash themselves in it? lol) that would survive would even reach the age of reproducing themselves, even if they discovered some magic B.O. neutralizer? But hey, what do we know, maybe B.O. is really god's secret aphrodisiac and we're the one's duped by the smell of "Teen Spirit" deodorant?

Why was the first officially forced-by-the-sword-to-be Christian nation, Armenia, completely destroyed, and stayed conquered for almost 2000 years after it went from Pagan to Christian?

How did the Armenians survive for 2000 years and keep their language and culture without committing the deliberately programmed Catholic idiocy of having 10 mostly-soon-to-be-dead children per family? Why did they kill and abort all rape-babies and then themselves rather than allow cultural colonization and still survive? Did "Christianity" tell them to do that or did their Pagan genetic memory? Why did their conquerors respect their fierceness, work-ethic and creativty and decide to leave them alone to become the intelligentsia of most of the countries they lived in?

Why were the Irish, upon conversion to Catholicism, not able to keep their language (except in museum form) and colonized almost completely by the British?

By your logic, which confuses progress with reproduction, quality with quantity, shouldn't you be for polygamy (why not? It might be more "lustful" but it is certainly less cruel, for each woman or should we say in your lingo nothing but "baby-making-machine"?) since 10 children per womb-man is quite a cruel work-load to put on any human being. And you're calling the pre-Catholics "barbarians"? That's a laugh!

Are you one of those misogynists who think that a woman's only place is barefoot and pregnant cooking for you, the sperm donor to her 10 hungry and miserable and on-the-verge-of-dying children, in the kitchen? Is that what you call progress and civilization? At what price? Where is the win-win dialectic of all civilization in this?

Chainsawmillerman said...

"I use REAL HISTORY to support my claims. I do not have to invent mythical kingdoms that no one has ever seen.

If Europeans did not become so greedy and judaized, they would be having more babies and they would not need to import 3rd world labor to support their socialist states."

The debasement of the currency by private central banks is the fault of the greedy Judaized Europeans? Listen to yourself! You put your own misguided faith before your brothers. Pathetic.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Negentropic, your arguments are very strange.

It is obvious to all with eyes that Europe's reproduction rate has dropped below the replacement rate. The "solution" that the Jew World Order offers to "fix" this problem is to replace the dwindling labor pool and support the presently unsustainable socialist governments by importing workers from the 3rd world.

Normally selfish motivations for abortion and contraception are hidden behind the lies that the world is becoming "overpopulated" and we have to save the environment. But you have chosen to argue that having 10 children per family would be too smelly? That's very strange. I don't know why everyone in a family should not be permitted to bathe. Done.

I don't know why Armenia has suffered. Perhaps that nation was not sincere in their beliefs. If they practiced contraception, as your reply seems to hint, then you have answered yourself. I would also like to point out that there is a difference between "surviving" and "flourishing". The difference might be noted in the fact that people do not travel to Armenia to see the many historical castles and cathedrals. Perhaps this is because those people were merely surviving and not flourishing.

As I noted above, the Church grew up despite numerous attempts to destroy those Christian nations. At the battle of Lepanto, 1571, the Catholic league was vastly outnumbered by the Muslim invaders. But the Pope rallied the people to pray the Holy Rosary. Miraculously, the Muslim navy was destroyed and Christendom was spared. Hundreds of miles away, Pope Pius V was given a vision by God, and the Holy Father immediately announced that the Christians were victorious, and gave thanks to God, several days before a messenger could be sent to Rome. Do you see how a Catholic Europe defended itself against invasion?

The war upon the Irish was not done by the Church, but by the Protestant heretics. Cromwell was probably the worst offender, but the Church of England and the freemasons have continued to persecute Ireland to this day. In the days of Shakespeare the Irish still spoke Irish.

A couple can produce more than enough children without being polygamous. Raising children in multi-parent households is NOT what the Church teaches. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It is you that introduced the idea of quantity over quality. I do not think that raising a single, spoiled homosexual child could be described as "quality over quantity". The immoral secular society that Europe has become does not raise the highest quality children. Is it the highest quality European men that are letting their society fall into ruin?

A woman's place is NOT the man's place. A woman was made to raise children. Women have a greater ability to multi-focus and multi-task, which is necessary to take care of many children at once. A woman can hear a child's cry and discern that it is her own. A woman's body is physically softer so that she can care for tender babies. A woman's temperment is more sympathetic so that she can easily understand what is troubling her child. The man is the head of the house; the woman is the heart. That is the understanding that built Europe. It is the communist LIE of feminism that is destroying western civilization.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Chainsaw said, "The debasement of the currency by private central banks is the fault of the greedy Judaized Europeans? Listen to yourself! You put your own misguided faith before your brothers. Pathetic."

--> While I do not doubt that usury is one of the chief tactics used to destroy western civilization, that is not THE ONLY problem. But you are right, and the Churchmen should have continued to forbid this practice. When Europe was built, usury was outlawed by the Church.

The problem at hand is that the populations of Europe have fallen below the replacement rate. People are not having enough babies. How can a society support its elderly and sick if those populations outnumber the young and healthy? God has always provided the solution: create more babies. But we are selfish and we contracept and abort these precious gifts of God. Lately we have been shown videos of these monsters from planned parenthood talking about the sale of baby body parts! If that doesn't open a person's eyes, then that person is lost to all decency.

Why should God preserve a society that has fallen into degeneracy and which does not protect its own babies? In the Bible we are shown that the nations of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from heaven. And when the people built the tower of Babel in order to reach heaven by their own power, God destroyed their work and divided them. The European nations are not creating a right to homosexual unions. The proud people in the EU purposefully built their parliament building to resemble the tower of Babel.

Is it any wonder that Europe is quickly crumbling into dust?

But I do freely admit that I put my faith before everything else. If someone in my family goes against my faith, then I put my faith before that person. Of course, my faith teaches me that I should be charitable, but I do not confuse charity with false compassion.