Thursday, October 22, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.22

Covering the Report from Iron Mountain

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zapoper said...

Lots of people are crazy and most of them aren't even religious. Moot point Charlie.

George Jones said...

3 billion people seem to be crazy, they believe in something they can't see, hear or touch and worse they talk to it.

Hardly moot!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! 57 minutes in, Charlie makes a statement about duck-and-cover that strongly indicates he will be soon doing a show on nuclear weapons being a hoax. (At least, being a hoax in 1945 with the purported nuclear tests and bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

From a very cursory study, it seems that there was a bunch of fakery that took place, and you have to ask why they would do that. But on the other hand, does that mean that nuclear reactions weren't possible at the time, was it a case of them not looking scary enough or being damaging enough, and what about the year 2015.

Some hyperfakery proponents will take it to the level of saying nuclear power is a hoax, but just like with the AIDS scam, I would've expected some scientists to be blowing the whistle, and I haven't heard of any. But with the official story of nuclear tests, is that they were unsure of what could happen, and that it could result in a catastrophic cascading effect and burn up the whole atmosphere.

Nuclear weapons are tightly controlled and there is a big fear factor motive and geopolitical power play aspect behind them, so I think we can't rule out that they were faked in the 40s, and may still be being faked today, because of impracticality. Contrast that with saying nuclear power is faked, and then you have to explain things like how France can generate its electricity when it supposedly has 70% nuclear power that is fake?

Oona Craig said...

Jews don't "make it," if they can "fake it" -- and pocket the difference.

Zeetip said...

fauxc: It makes sense to me that Hiro & Naga were firebombed not "nuked", with Japan's PTB at the time going along with the "face saving" hoax, in a pre-agreed story to end WW2. Nuke weapons weren't yet ready for prime time, but the US/allies had had lots of practice with firebombing cities by Summer '45. Why haven't Hiro & Naga been radioactive no-man's-lands since they were "nuked"? They've just been normal J cities again since after they were rebuilt.

More reasons, but so not to reinvent the wheel, I'm 'PatColo' here; 17 replies:

blake121666 said...

I'm in the nuclear bombs are fake camp myself. I am not in the fake nuclear power camp as is rerevisionist (Ray West). There are too many bogus things put out about nuclear bombs by the officials in charge (not just ignoramuses) that lead me to that conclusion. If you read through Clues Forum's thread on it, they have actually caught out a number of fakes. Clues Forum can be pretty ignorant and over the top with their speculations - e.g. they confuse the hell out of Newton's laws in the "rocketry in space is impossible" thread; but they've genuinely found fakery in a number of the nuclear bomb videos and official claims.

Jason, the "catastrophic cascading effect and burn up the whole atmosphere" you mention was a wives' tale. If it was stated in any official capacity, that's more reason to suspect scare-mongering fakery by those officials. Nuclear weapons require a critical mass of course.

Since it seems to me that there would be alot of fakery even if nuclear bombs were real, I can't rule out that they could be real even if everything we are told about them is a load of BS. I also am of the belief that we do in fact have very very powerful weapons - just not nuclear bombs. So the point may be moot in this respect - but not in others.