Wednesday, November 18, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.11.18

Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf discuss the only possible overthrow of the Zionist tyrants: Pan-European Unity!
Dr. Duke once again had the German chemist and researcher Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf, citing demographic trends, pointed out that the indiginous peoples of Europe face the same kind of marginalization and replacement as Amazon Indians or Tibetians face.

They discussed the decline of Christianity in Europe as well as the capture by Zionist power of the remaining Christian institutions. They also agreed on the leading Jewish role in bringing about the conditions that are causing the demise of white Europeans, from immigration policy to anti-white propaganda to the wars that create terrorists.

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Amerikaner said...

Good discussion. I hope we can start hearing more from Germar Rudolf on some other hosts' radio shows as well. Smart man and enjoyable to listen to. He thinks a bit outside of the box as well, which is good. said...

So refreshing to hear a new, very educated voice from Europe.

It's great to hear 11 minutes in how he woke up to what was going on in Germany, which made him go beyond his revisionism work.

And 29 minutes in, he really hits at the unfortunate issue of Europeans (and all of the West, by extension) not being able to widely re-embrace Christianity. It is unfortunate, because Christianity and Western civilization are inextricably linked, and you can't just have a new widely-embraced spirituality overnight, or within a few decades.

When I came across the late John Anderson's the Voice of Reason on GCN, I became convinced of his various conclusions regarding what the Bible really teaches (Jesus isn't God, there's no eternal conscious torment known as hell, that all of Revelation up to chapter 20 is hyperbolic metaphor about historic events up until 70 AD, and that there's no supernatural fallen being known as Satan tempting us all), but the problem still remained with things in the Bible itself, such as verses twisted to be prophetic (Matthew's twisting of a non-Messianic verse about someone being born of a young maiden (not specifically a virgin), and all the genocide in the OT.

Therefore, I couldn't (re)-accept Christianity after what I had been discovering by the late 90s and early 2000s, and for those and other reasons, as Rudolf alludes to, neither can most Europeans after having become educated the way they have over the past few hundred years.