Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.11.18

Charles Giuliani Charles continues his discussion of occultism in the Catholic church.

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Oona Craig said...

Charlie rants about the pedophilia and homosexuality in the Catholic Church. According to Charlie, all religious institutions are corrupt, but the Catholic Church is worst.
It seems that Charlie is not exposing the problems with religion so much as the problems associated with male sexuality. Males, hetero or homo, are sexually driven. Male sexuality can be a corrupting influence on ALL institutions. (See on youtube the interview with Kay Griggs about the "cherry" Marines and Operation "Tailhook.")

A Catholic caller tries to point out that his Catholic education had more good points than bad -- but Charlie literally couldn't "hear" this point. If an institution is corrupt, Charlie wants to throw out the whole institution. Charlie blames institutions, when human nature is to blame....male sexual human nature.

Woodchuck said...

On don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it depends on how dirty the baby is. Lol!

Steven Lovett said...

The problem, for me personally, with religion today as we understand religion is that it only requires belief in what we are taught or read of the Scriptures and faith in that belief, whereas true religion should be about raising man to higher levels of being, understanding and enlightenment. A true spiritual teacher would be at a level to detect those that are 'false' or those that seek authority to control and abuse etc. So for me any religion whose 'leaders' or hierarchy who are supposed to be at a higher level of being and consciousness etc that cannot see or do not see corruption, abuse etc are not true spiritual teachers. Obviously the religions we have today are not true religion. A true spiritual teacher would not partake in all this garbage going on today. The fact that none of the christian denominations or Islamic and Judaism for that matter, do not speak out, do not expose these problems but are by and large in many cases led by such spiritually inept people shows clearly they are false. It's one thing to expose, as Charlie does, the stupidity of taking these scriptures literally but it is another thing to realise they are symbolic and understand their true intention as SPIRITUAL teachings - NOT blind beliefs in historical matters but allegories and myths of the soul's involution and evolution for the purpose of soul development. After 1700 years the church is not a lamp unto the world but in total darkness - the problem is not the scriptures but our understanding of them. I, for the most part, like Charlie and what he has to say ( in exposing the stupidity of taking it literally - and the fruits of such is obvious ) but sadly Charlie's anger with false religion prevents him from seeing even the possibility that there is a true spiritual teaching cloaked in what APPEARS to be an historical narrative. And sadly it seems to me that too many just blindly follow rather than to seek and research for themselves.

MaryC said...

Steven: that schtick about religion should be about "raising man to higher levels of being, understanding and enlightenment" is a load of gnostic, New Age, New World Order gobbledygook. Christianity is, first and foremost, about saving your soul.

Giuliani is way out in left field on this one. He claims that Catholicism is occult. The word occult merely means 'hidden'. There is nothing hidden about Catholic doctrines; they are very clear and explicit. Too explicit for the New Age, "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual" crowd.

He claims that Torquemada was a Jew (this reminds me of the "Hitler was a Jew" spew). The whole point of the Spanish Inquisition was to root out Marrano Jews, those who had "converted" to Catholicism in order to rise within the ranks of Church or State, but were still secretly practising Judaism. Also, the numbers executed under the Inquisition - NB: by the State, the Church had no power to execute anyone - have been wildly exaggerated by Protestants, Jews and liberals. In fact, people preferred to be accused of heresy, rather than some civil crime, since they could expect a fairer hearing and more lenient treatment from the Church courts rather than the State.

He then gladdens the heart of every Jew by revisiting that hoary old chestnut: "paedophilia in the Catholic Church". Has Charlie never heard of the concept of infiltration? No doubt he bewails the control by Jews of the MSM, but he's quite happy to parrot their drivel when it suits his ends.

I began to see that Charlie was full of it when he had that Ed Hendrie character on his show. Hendrie, who is a Calvinist, believes that the Catholic Church was formed as some sort of nefarious Jewish plot; which is hilarious when one considers the fact that Calvinists are notorious Judaizers.

Steven Lovett said...

Mary no religion or belief is going to save your soul or save you from anything - but good luck if you think it will - and no i'm not speaking about new age stuff but thats the reply i expect from many - all the best. I could go on but won't as i have no desire to debate anything or argue anything - it is only my opinion as that is your opinion and so on. I will say that the reason man is in this mess is largely due to the christian teaching of not pursuing knowledge, understanding, wisdom and striving to a higher level of being, but teaches to sit on their arse and pray to a man in the sky and wait for Jesus - well you are welcome to wait another 1700 years of that clap trap nonsense.

MaryC said...

Steven: that is garbage. The reason we are in this mess is that we have largely rejected Christianity. What is this "higher level of being"? Besides being vague and nebulous it sounds to me like the age old lie: "Ye shall be as gods." The New Age lie, in fact. Also, your caricature of what Christians do and believe is merely a straw man of your own making.

Don Damore said...

The Bible might actually be the word of God. Unfortunately God can not be found in religion.

Itzda Joos said...

MaryC said...

"Steven: that is garbage. The reason we are in this mess is that we have largely rejected Christianity."

MaryC: THAT is garbage! The reason we are in this mess is that christianity has largely rejected all the good & greatness that came before it or that is not within a christian framework.

As long as ALL you religious nuts keep "believing" and "following" we will continue to be in this mess. Good moral values, etc were around LONG before christianity showed up and are still to this day to be found all around the world WITHOUT the influence of that slave religion. That is a fact that you refuse to admit because doing so would be going against the word of your not-so-righteous deity/your programming. Staring REAL truth in the face but calling it a lie is a mental problem and has nothing really to do with virtue, faith or anything else you've been led to "believe".

And get off this "new age" BS as if everyone who rejects the falseness of Abrahamic mind viruses is somehow part of some "new age" movement. The New age stuff is as BS as Christianity and all the rest of the slave religions and I reject new age BS as much as I reject your christian BS. Christians have been persecuted for many reasons throughout the ages - many of them were the RIGHT reasons!