Monday, November 9, 2015

Do You Give A Damn? HERE'S What We Can Do


WWS said...

All "Show All"s and "Read More"s were opened on the nearly 400 comments, and then "jew" was searched. NONE !!!

It failed the "jew test". Typical for Corbett.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, he addressed his silence on the issue in this Reddit AMA:

"[–]Unity7777 4 points 1 year ago

Can you comment on the Zionist Jews at the head of the NWO?


[–]thecorbettreport[S] 6 points 1 year ago

Thank you for the question, but I think this is a reductive premise whose logical conclusion would be that ridding the world of Zionist Jews would rid the world of evil. This is cartoon politics. There are absolutely Zionist Jews in positions of power in the globalist schema, but the full scale of the problem involves playing different factions off of each other to achieve the synthesis of global government, which is the real goal and driving ideology.

The beast is a hydra with many heads, and the secret to defeating the beast is not to cut off the head but to stop its heart. We are the heart, and we pump the blood through its system by our participation in it. We must remove ourselves from the system in order to defeat it.

More on this concept here:

And here:"

Anonymous said...

I don't buy into Corbett's reason for his silence at all, as it's unwarranted when you look at what his work is all about -- exposing corruption in the political and economic system -- and to not to specifically talk about Jews in a serious way at some point is disingenuous at best.