Monday, November 9, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.11.08

Angelo & John: Fixing Our Diet

Kyle speaks with Angelo Gage and John Rose about how the modern diet is destroying people and how simple it is to fix these problems by eliminating processed foods and animal products. John discusses the juice feast and explains how it works. Angelo shares his own experiences with juicing and cutting out meat. They also consider how this is a crucial step in becoming stronger and taking our power back from this slave system.

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Allat Goddess said...

Cutting to juicing, doesn't help because the Controllers of this Planet are using GMO's.

Anyway, the Human system must work on solids, not only liquids.

Drew Carter said...

Cutting out meat, is not the solution to anything other than becoming a "non thinking" slave. Our brain is 76% Cholesterol, without it we become "vegetables"! In Plato's Republic, He states that Vegetarianism is one of the best tools to control populations. (Because the Vegans can't think critically, or reason)!

Jan Irvin, shows in his research how Vegetarianism, is just one of the tools that the Intelligence Complex uses to keep people dumb!

Kyle, why not arrange a debate with Jan Irvin and Your Guest tonight?

rodin said...

Hitler was a vegetarian. Maybe he needed more bacon

Itzda Joos said...

I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but I am a qualified fitness professional with decades of actual hands-on practical experience dealing with achieving specific goals through nutrition & diet. It's always funny to see meat "addicts" jumping to the defence of their dyed-in-the-wool "traditional" diet even if it's not directly challenged by others talking about alternatives. It's always predictable. What's also worth noting is that these rabid anti-vegetarians have generally done zero research or no research of any value into that which they write off. Most of them simply call a vegatarian/vegan diet "rabbit food" because they have no concept of the fact that there is REAL science behind this area of nutrition today. They have simply fallen into the convenient "labelling" mentality which most sheep use today so they themselves don't have to use critical thinking for something they don't want to have to deal with! I have trained people across the broadest walks of life you can imagine and I always considered that the vegetarian & vegan professionals at the top of their fields that I worked with (doctors, scientists, very successful businessmen, etc) were some of the sharpest, most critically thinking people I'd ever met - yes conspirotards, there are critical thinking professionals out there in the "real" world! And that's not to mention the great number of athletes who actually dramatically improved their performance & general health after switching to vegetarian/vegan diets. But hey, what does decades of actual hands-on practical experience mean up against someone who's convinced themselves that what they've always done is right armed with some internets fakts right?

Drew Carter said...

>>What's also worth noting is that these rabid anti-vegetarians have generally done zero research or no research of any value into that which they write off>>

The amount of Research on Gnostic Media alone, into Vegetarianism runs to over 9 90 minute shows.

Sally Fallon, The Weston A. Price foundation - , David Asprey, Dr. Tim O'Brien.. and many other researchers, prove that We Need Animal Fat to think coherently. If You chose to make fun of Me have at it.. but the "research" that Jan, and all of the above have done - prove - that You don't have a clue what You are talking about!

Drew Carter said...

>>But hey, what does decades of actual hands-on practical experience mean up against someone who's convinced themselves that what they've always done is right armed with some internets fakts right?>>

Decades of hands on "programmed" experience.. in which You were "taught" .. Vegan is the "only" way!

We'll Duh.. since You had hands on and didn't know any better, I guess I'd better bow to Your "superior" programming!

Negentropic said...


According to David Irving, Hitler being a vegetarian (not vegan, he did not eat meat most of the time but still ate animal products) is not strictly true. According to the testimony Irving got from some of his servants and staff, he used to sneak in the occasional German sausages he loved from his youth every now and then, especially when nobody else was around late at night, that way he could still maintain his vegetarian image.

It's hilarious when I go the old 1960's relic hippie vegan stores here near Topanga Canyon in L.A. and in the sandwich section I see vegan "turkey" and "chicken" sandwiches and "burgers."


Why would vegans want anything that's not meat but tastes like meat? Obviously they crave meats.

Most long-time vegetarians when they start eating meat begin by eating fish. Why is this? You guessed it. Because fish are not very endearing to people. Eating a fish, is only one level up from eating a mollusk, scallops or shrimp which is the same as eating insects.

Drew Carter said...

Criticism's of Kyle .. just seem to vanish on the Renegade site so: This weeks show states over and over that the Jews want us to eat meat! That's bullcrap.. for over 40 years We have been told that red meat is bad for us, over and over and over by the Jesuit controlled media! ;) Why do You think that is Kyle? Because they want us to not be able to think, (by replenishing the cholesterol which is 76% of our brain)..The latest media hijinks is about how bacon is bad.. and burned meat.. We have heard that same story over and over! Kyle does many shows about the feminzation of man.. "nothing" does more to attain that end than "Soy Products" .. which turn into female hormones in the body. Wake up Kyle.. You are doing the Jesuit Media's job by promoting a vegan diet.. which will leave all of us unable to reason or think critically!

Negentropic said...


Stone-age man did not have "modern nutrition" techniques. For many millennia, they just took the shortest route to proper nutrition which was killing an animal & eating the meat. To try to change that in half a century is beyond naive. To try to pretend that some ancient "white" civilizations hidden from us had vegan populations is silly. It's far more likely that the entire cholesterol scare of the past 50 years was deliberately engineered by those who own the media to dumb people down and keep their levels of reproduction down. Of course, the cholesterol propaganda mostly worked on educated people and these were usually the White Europeans. The poor, uneducated people couldn't even afford meat and got their cholesterol from cheap sources such as lard, milk, cheeses and stuff.

Only a very minuscule percentage of vegans and vegetarians have had that diet since they were born. Having even Mother's Milk makes you non-vegan, since you consumed human milk, an animal product. Most eat meat for at least 10 years before they ever become vegans or veggies. Therefore their muscles and brains develop on a meat-based diet and still have the residual strength of that to mediate whatever weakness may result in the switch to eating beans and rabbit food.

If the brain and balls need cholesterol to function properly, how will the vegans get this from the very few plants that have minuscule amounts of cholesterol type compounds such as avocados, flax-seeds and peanuts? The vegetarians get some from the dairy they eat. But the vegans? Where are they going to get it? Even hemp, which according to Thomas James of HempUSA is a "complete food" and the most nutritious plant-food in the world, has a lot of protein but no cholesterol.

Therefore, if it can be proven that cholesterol is needed for proper brain and reproductive function, people have to eat animal products and that's that. Hopefully they will know enough and be middle-class enough to pay out of their asses and eat grass-fed animal products only and not poison themselves with disgusting factory-farmed meat but most people cannot afford such luxuries.

The solution is to use media-access to scare the shit out of the poor people that if they keep eating that garbage they are going to get sick and die, which is partly true. But that is only possible when non-parasites have control of the mass-media.

Firestarter Media said...

lol the blood brain barrier does not even allow fat to go to the brain. This is hilarious.

quaere verum said...

An excellent book:
The Grate Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

quaere verum said...

The GREAT Cholesterol Con.

Renegade Broadcasting said...

"Although an immense knowledge has accumulated concerning regulation of cholesterol homeostasis in the body, this does not include the brain, where details are just emerging. Approximately 25% of the total amount of the cholesterol present in humans is localized to this organ, most of it present in myelin. Almost all brain cholesterol is a product of local synthesis, with the blood-brain barrier efficiently protecting it from exchange with lipoprotein cholesterol in the circulation."

Drew Carter said...

The reason that Plato, and the Fabians recommended keeping people on vegetarian diets is simple! They can't think critically and are much easier to control. The whole podcast talks about the powers that be wanting us to eat meat.. which is nonsense! They "DON'T" want us to eat meat, which is why the big cholesterol scare, and the MSMedia telling us our Grandparents diet is certain death! They also want us on "statin drugs" .. which starve the brain of cholesterol.. just as a vegan diet does!