Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.11.07

Deanna's guest the first hour was Paul Fromm who gave an update on the trial of Arthur Topham. Paul's web site is:
 Deanna's second guest was Dr. Tom Sunic, he is the author of Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age (2007). He is a former professor of political science in the US.
His web site is:
He talked about his article: Croatia Under Seige: Migrants vs. Mad Germans found here:

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4 comments: said...

You can donate to Arthur Topham's legal fund at

He and Gilad Atzmon are getting nothing from the government for their time, yet the Crown's so-called star witness, Len Rudner, is getting $195 an hour for his time, and appeared under special security guard.

This is a chance to show Arthur and his persecutors that he doesn't stand alone! said...

Americans should cherish their Constitution, relative to ours in Canada, as there is no double jeopardy protection in Canada, until the Crown abandons all prosecution, so if he's acquitted, they still have the ability to charge him with the same crime. said...

Fromm gave a great first-hand account of the trial, which is quite the feat, as he had to travel all the way from Mississauga to a remote part of British Columbia.

And it was good to hear Fromm keep the focus on the Jewish issue, instead of Zionism, as Michael Rivero made it exclusively about in his interview, as not only was Topham officially charged for promoting hatred against Jews as an ethnicity or religion, but most of the materials he was specifically charged for reproducing were about Jews, Judaism and Jewish supremacy.

WWS said...

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