Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton Vs. Syria And Bashar Al-Assad

As part of her campaign against the secular Syrian government and toward the destruction of Syria as a nation, Clinton has maintained the position – both as Secretary of State and as Presidential candidate – that “Assad must go.”[1] Like her role in the absurd propaganda push to overthrow and murder Muammar Ghaddaffi, Clinton has been the purveyor of similar outrageous lies levied against both the Syrian government and Assad himself.
Clinton has repeatedly argued for increased assistance to the “Syrian rebels,” finding herself even more to the side of war-mongering than Obama, the head of the administration that has seen the bulk of the training, arming, deploying, and directing of jihadist death squads across Syria.[13] Of course, there has never been such a thing as a “moderate rebel” in Syria. The so-called rebels are nothing more than foreign-backed extremists raping, beheading, and cannibalizing their way across the Middle East with impunity.[14] That is what they are today and that is what they have been since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. [15] [16]
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Negentropic said...

Disgusting enough to put you off your food forever.

Why can't she get inoperable cancer and croak & take Obongo, both Bushes & Billy Bob with her, instead of true human benefactors like McGowan and Jobs?