Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Putin: ISIS Financed by 40 countries, including G20 members (Redsilverj)


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Negentropic said...

40 what?

Countries? Or Jewy Baba and the 40 thieves? lol

Countries in what way?

Aren't "countries" supposed to be "sovereign" in more ways than just words, as in financially sovereign (ruling themselves) and culturally sovereign (able to control their own borders and immigration) in order to even count as count-ries?

40 countries from the 155 with central banks tied to the IMF and BIS, controlled by the Judeo-Masonic Rothschild kabal? 40 countries with legalized counterfeiting and usury, reserved only for the elite class, just like the USA?

So, 2 minutes of analysis is all it takes to realize that all 40 of these "countries" are just front entitees for the massively powerful criminal organization putting on a charade of hiding where all the money comes from, including most of Putin's money, and hence why he has to bend over and pass holohoax-denial legislation in a country of 160 million to please the same people who massacred tens of millions of his ancestors during the Soviet era.

After all, what kind of "honorable" man would do the bidding of a bunch of Jews rather than the Germans?

The kind of man who knows that the country of Germany is even less sovereign than his own land, that's who.

The kind of man who has to wear a beanie and go to the "wailing wall" and pay his respects to the "historical reality," and fiction of the most slanderous and shameless lie of the past 150 years.