Friday, November 20, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.11.17

Guest: Thomas Goodrich
  • The Jewish proxy
  • The internet is a great tool
  • Kyle Hunt is the greatest thing since slice bread (lol)
  • Terrorism, The middle East and Israel
  • Immigration and the invasion of the body snatchers
  • Friday the 13th false flag or not?
  • The German translation of Hellstorm
  • Flat earth, moon landings and the atomic bomb: Irrelevant
  • Jews being 24 hour warriors against the White race (This is obvious if you watch TV. White males in particular)
  • Etc, etc, etc...
  • BTW: This is a family show and I think that Tom and Graham should tone it down a bit. ROFL
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    rodin said...

    Great synopsis zap! lol

    Erik Paul said...

    I just can't believe they used those "words" on the radio...sounded like a couple of bloody rum-swillin' limey sailors in the port pub. Blimey!

    1776blues said...

    Tom is missing the point of Greater Israel and so is Graham since he couldn't answer why they want chaos in Europe. Its to drive the Jews to Israel and the Muslims into Europe.

    But many people are getting sucked back into this Muslims are the bad guys. I admit they are to a point, but they are doing what we'd do if we were attacked in the same way. This is why these Jews need to be removed from every position of power and influence. I think a lot of us know this but its easy to get caught up in the hate campaign. I have a feeling if they get a really large number armed Muslims in the US, they will seek out the majority white areas first. It will take a large mass though. Lets hope this doesn't happen.

    Amerikaner said...

    "An invasion of penises and vaginas"? Very unique way of describing the matter..

    Aquarius M said...

    Graham, you should interview Patrick Cullinane. He talks about British law, actually being Talmudic law.
    Hope you have Charles Giuliani on again. There's very few, as well read, as him. Respect him as a researcher, if he gets something wrong, he'll correct himself.

    El Buggo said...

    Looks like Graham Hart is becoming a nuke hoax believer too! @40min

    Asskick Films said...

    Good suggestion Aquarius M. Thanks for your comments. They're welcomed, good or bad.