Friday, November 20, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.11.20

The Spanish Inquisition

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Anonymous said...

1 hour and 24 minutes in, Charlie starts his discussion about whether nuclear weapons were/are real. He said that he had come across some evidence about it but wasn't sure, and thought it was going too far, but now he's ready to present his findings.

Nick said...

The damage from Heromishima and Nagasaki are not consistent with a nuclear blast, Brick buildings at ground zero are still standing. Plus all of the footage of nuclear blasts come from El Govermente. See for more info.

Anonymous said...

Since Brian called in, picking up on our calls on Tuesday's show about the Paris attacks, one of the themes I raised was about looking out for recurring patterns in these various events.

There's another pattern that has emerged again, of contradictory behaviour of Muslims implicated in these attacks.

With 9/11, we heard of the supposed lead hijacker, Atta, drinking and carousing at a bar the night before 9/11, and his former airline trainer, Rudi Dekkers, said how he set up a prayer area for him and he never saw him use it, yet then supposedly he's carrying out this big attack in service of Allah.

Well now we have the supposed female suicide bomber after a raid in Paris, where she supposedly posted a picture of herself in a bath tub, she drank, smoke and had a lot of boyfriends, yet there is also the image of her wearing hijab and supposedly being all religious.

The more I think about this pattern, it serves several goals:
1) Confusion (this is always #1 in these psy-ops)
2) Create factions who continually argue against each other - one faction saying she was set up, another one saying she was just a hypocrite, ..., and they keep going in circles because you can't logically reconcile these two different characters, by design.
3) Show these supposed terrorists as hypocrites
4) Show them to be unstable - a great psychological effect, to make people think that some non-observant Muslim can suddenly become the biggest violent jihadist

And there are others, but those are some of the main ones.

And something else I recently found out about, was Geraldo's daughter just happened to be on the scene, which adds to my point about the recurring pattern of media personalities just happening to be on the scene, presenting us their supposed eye-witness account or video, which serves the purpose of making it look like a real live event, with supposed trusted authority figures attesting to what they supposedly saw, and giving credibility to claims that will contradict other claims made by others.

zapoper said...

Heromishima???? Is that another internut code name that I need to decipher? Tokyo was fire bombed and lots of structures were still standing after the fact. Dresden was bombed to kingdom come too and had still more buildings standing afterward than in Hiroshima. Then again it could be a case that buildings in Hiroshima were flimsy as compared to Dresden. Who knows and who cares, really?

Nick said...

My point exactly Zap. Heromishima and Nagasaki look like they were fire bombed, not nuked, just like Tokyo.

Erik Paul said...

Aw Hell! The whole damn Pacific war was fake. It was all scripted, choreographed and staged and all the films and pictures came from Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon.

But the really great thing was--- nobody really died!

zapoper said...

Erik forgot to mention the great music that subsequently came out of Laurel Canyon. lol

t brad said...

imo nuke bombs do not exist...only nuke power. Which a retard way to do anything. But hey, look at the sources that feed us the bs. Plenty of utube vids on the nuke bomb hoax. Nuke bombs are the ultimate fear card and thats all it is, to keep control and traumatize the minds that refuse to look at any other evidence but what they are told from the msm. Working in a compartmentalized work environment makes a person ignorant of the bigger picture and keeps them happy when the pay check shows up.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Sure looked like a nuclear weapon them fucking Jews tossed over Syria over the summer?
That blast & lighting was something to think about... Allahu Akbar ... لله أكبر..