Saturday, November 21, 2015

This guy absolutely nails the antecedents and underlying philosophy behind the Black Lives Matter movement and other leftist movements - created by Jewish Marxists!

This Short Video,produced in 2010,clearly and concisely explains How Jewish Marxist agitators were able to use sociological techniques developed over the last Century to sway Public Opinion. Important to understand this message in light of recent World events, and clear manipulation of Western Societies by the same Jewish,Zionist and Left Wing "Intellectual" Forces that Fester behind Western Governments today.


Negentropic said...

This has been posted for 5 years already? Mr. Constitution hit it out of the park on almost every point. Too bad he won't go farther than this because he's being held down by his Jew-on-a-stick and that weight is almost impossible to shake off and, of course, turns neurotic and exploits rather than healthily develops the altruistic (all-true-ist-ic) tendencies, relies on the illusion that logic can fight against decades-long billion dollar subconscious programming avalanches from every direction at once mixed with physical weakening through poisoned foods.

Instead of reading his friggin' buy-bull, he should be reading Freud, Jung, Ezra Pound, McLuhan and Wilson Bryan Key. But his buy-bull study group tells him that signs are not a language of their own outside of spoken words and Aristotelian verbal logic is enough self-defense for his mind, when in reality, verbal symbols are no more fully what they represent than any other combined image-&-sound metaphors and abstractions.

Actually, muse-ic is a far more universal languages than any ethnic babble, no matter how "logical." Even Norwegians and Swedes cannot understand each others' verbal language unless they spend years learning it. Indians have so many dialects that in different parts of the country they can't understand what the hell their own people are saying to each other.

Meanwhile, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll (both terms were originally negro slang for sexual intercourse), the Beatles, Elvis and their message of sexual & other liberations can be understood by any human with access to a radio anywhere in the world. No need to understand any of the words. Actually the words often get in the way of the real message, the realities being represented. Metal and Punk bands where not one word sung is understood, still find their audience in completely foreign lands. Even "Muse-ic" from the black ghettos of the USA encouraged by Jew-money called gangster rap can influence Chinese people to act more like aggressive, violent and misogynistic thugs confusing it with some kind of twisted "liberation."

Aristotelian logic is completely helpless against assaults even assuming most people actually have the brains, ability or development to properly reason, which they don't. Before they can even properly reason, they would need years of deconditioning and de-tox, both spiritual and physical. The role of "logic" is only for the leaders of the resistance to "logically" realize the nature of the war (subconscious) and then "logically" realize that to "logically" fight subconscious colonization is futile. "Logical" arguments and settling of matters are for the leaders alone, the shepherds. Shepherding is another matter altogether, a matter of subconscious compass setting. The leaders have to pull in the other direction subconsciously with a force equivalent to the entire true artistic output of Western civilization combined. Only the true signposts, the true de-signs and arts can defeat and de-bug the false arts and their Trojan horses.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

In other words, you have to claim all valid art-ifice, all valid signposts and de-signs as part of the struggle for truth. You have to claim all of it, from rock to jazz to folk to classical to new-age to pop and refuse it to the Marxists who have cleverly used all of them to push their agendas. It's all ours, it's got nothing to do with them. Even the biggest "leftist" icons, even Jews like Bob Dylan, to whatever extent they were actually artists, they had to offer to that extent at least a few "truths" to get there. You claim all of those, sans all bathwater. You ridicule the bathwater away from the baby. Why? Because none of that shit would be possible without Western civilization. Not a single warble from Bob Dylan's throat would be recorded, never mind all his fancy lyrics printed, without Western civilization.

A progressive hard-rock band led by a Jew with a big nose with holohoax surviving family narrative BS? Claim it as part of Western culture, since even the guy's name was changed to fit Western culture and not Tel-Aviv culture. Does he sing Hava Nagila and other Jew songs in fucking Israel? No, he sings 2112 inspired by a novel written by a Russian Jew in English whose most famous book was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Then he sings a song based on a famous Mark Twain novel followed by one inspired by a Robert Frost poem followed by a Dos Passos novel etc. All part of Western European culture.

Claim it all if it meets your standards of artistic metaphor expansion. It's not part of the left or right wing or even libertarian wing. It's part of the Western artistic legacy and no, it's not all "white" either like classical music, since rock music, mostly played on electric instruments invented by the white man, comes from the country blues (played on cheap, sometimes home-made, acoustic instruments) and Afro-cuban syncopation and those are forms of American black music, not African music but African-American music. Blues & those particular syncopations sign-posting previously unexplored areas, seemingly simple, yet extremely complex psychologically speaking in their effect.

First they were used in Jazz, then rock. These are sexual metaphors and signposts for sexual freedom that don't exist in the same uninhibited way in any previous musical forms. Hence their popularity and power for many decades. To not claim the power of the art-form because it came from black people like the WN's do is sheer idiocy. It's not the 13% black population of the USA that they're giving up in the process but 100% of the rock music & pop-music listening population of the world, including 100% of the "White European" world, at least those who are not hypocritical Led-Zeppelin-listening WN's already. As if 4 white guys playing 70% black blues somehow makes it a "white" art form. No, it's not a "white" art form, it's a combined multi-ethnic but 100% culturally American (created in America) art-form whether you like it or not (and most do; they all go home and listen to their Led Zeppelin and Allman Brothers "white" blues while in public pretending that classical music doesn't put them to sleep).

Thugnacious said...

PJ media is another jew owned Neocon site.

Thugnacious said...

The jewish Left intellectuals of the past are the modern day Neocons, they shifted their clothes but is the same never ending self-promotion.

Blindlight said...

see, this is the problem in our movement. He forgot to target the Jew which without doing makes his whole discussion useless. Without outing Jew nothing can change

Blindlight said...

by the way, PJ Media was in on the false flag in garland Texas to demonize Muslims and scare cattle

Blindlight said...

you won't get that from Daily Stormer cause Anglin pretends every false flag is real

Blindlight said...

Our problem is not blacks, but Jews, that's it