Saturday, November 21, 2015

Philip Giraldi comments, U.S. releases convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard


Roy Hobs said...

Your Average Six Pack American: "who is Jonathon Pollard?"

LCR said...

Isn't it ironic how the media & govt. puppets have been clamoring for Snowden's head for years, openly calling him a traitor, yet his info didnt get anyone killed. Pollard on the other hand, released classified info that directly caused the death of 100s. Not 1 word of this mentioned in the past 10 years by lamestream lying ziomedia.

Oona Craig said...

According to Kay Griggs (on youtube), Pollard stole the name Pollard.
Kay Griggs (she herself is from an old Naval Intel family in Norfolk, VA) said that Pollard is the name of an old, politically respected, Virginia family.
If you've never watched the Kay Griggs interview about the homo mafia in control of the "cherry" Marines and part of Naval Intel, it's worth your time.