Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Back In Black


Negentropic said...

Very subtle but effective brainwashing communicated through this scene and more forcefully since a state of sexual tension and attraction paralyzes the critical faculty of the opposite sex:

"What's wrong with the black one" translating into "What's wrong with the color black" and "What's wrong with black people?" and "Don't you like black? You racist crimainal?" and finally "Since you don't like black lingerie, you're likely a 'racist' who doesn't like anything 'black," and who deserved to die anyway for the crime of not liking 'black,' even if you weren't a "criminal mastermind" "murderer" and whatnot.

I'm being dead serious.

This scene was designed exactly for that.

And at the end, the whole meme of fake "female empowerment" through physical tasks traditionally done by males, such as whacking people by strangulation.

As for the red lingerie. Sexier, of course, especially the part where she rubs the see-through top on her butt. But Indians are not an issue anymore, so they don't get the credit taken away from the blacks by the criminal guy.


Yes. Seriously. That is exactly what this scene signified to me and the boner stayed at quarter mast, even when the red outfit came out.

And that's not all. There's also the feminist tension of males dictating what females should wear and how they should act, etc. which can also be analyzed through the subconscious effect of its symbolism.

Now multiply this scene by a thousand more-or-less similar scenes in other films and imagine the psychological neuroses that result in the population.

Spiritual and physical Dysgenics all the way, not Eu-genics. Distress, not Eustress (good stress chosen freely in order to overcome and grow), Dystopia, not E-u-topia in the future cross-hairs.

zapoper said...

Mostly what I saw too Negen but I tend not to write endless paragraphs about it. LOL

You can't even find TV shows or films that have male heroes anymore. They are psychologically castrating men with these absurd scenes of 120 pd women kicking the shit out of 250 pd lean muscle men. LOL

zapoper said...

Not to mention all the other social engineering going on in all this.