Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Main Stream jew Media Claims Assad Funds ISIS – Evidence Claims Otherwise

Just when you think the propaganda coming from the Western mainstream media and Western governments couldn’t get any dumber, they come right along and top themselves. This time, there are no easily disproven claims of chemical weapons usage by the Assad government or new and creative ways to accuse Assad of killing his own people. Instead, major mainstream mouthpieces like the Daily Beast have recently “revealed” who is buying the stolen oil from ISIS and, according to the notoriously misleading outlet, it’s not Erdogan, Turkey, or Israel – it’s Assad.
      The article “Revealed: Assad Buys Oil From ISIS” is as much an attempt to cover up the increasingly well-known connections between the Erdogan family and ISIS’ stolen oil industry - a connection that was being reported on by many in alternative media for some time but has gained more popularity with the Russian demonstration of Erdogan/ISIS links in regards to the stolen oil - as it is an attempt to cover them up.
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Allat Goddess said...

If Assad is the devil incarnate, and he's founding Assad, who wants to bring him down, "Why would the devil work against himself?"

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Just gonna pat myself on the back. The Daily Beast is one of those alternative (spit) place that, for some reason over the years, I have NEVER felt the urge to visit because the place left a bad taste with me years ago when I first went. The site just did not feel right. There are a few of them actually that middle and low level wannabe political folks follow thinking they have "alternative" news at their fingertips.

They are working SO HARD to drive the populace to madness now. The weapon of cognitive dissonance has never been tuned up to the level it is now. And they are just beginning...

Drive the folks mad till they turn to us for salvation.

The war is lost, folks. Time to save what we can...

What is written will be and all we can do now is ride it out as best we can.