Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mark Dankof: 1953 coup led to 1979 U.S. embassy crisis

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Negentropic said...

No it didn't. Khomeini was brought in from a Mossad safe-house in Paris and the Islamic government is nothing but controlled opposition, a pre-manufactured template of the Moslem Bogie-Man in the personage of despicable extremist people like Khomeini that didn't even exist in the 1960's and 1970s. Most Iranians were happy living under the CIA-puppet Shah, regardless of any abuses of political prisoners that might have gone on, and in the last 10 years of his reign, the CIA-puppet Shah was constantly biting the hand that fed.

All Iranians living in Los Angeles, as in 99.9% of them, would go back tomorrow if the Shah's regime came back exactly as it was in Tehran 1976, a magical place to live, ten times better than Los Angeles circa 2015.

I even personally know ex-communist political prisoners, good friends of my dad, who did 2 years of prison time each and endured 10 years of blacklisting from the professions and had to work menial jobs, all because of their political beliefs. After they abandoned communism and were allowed back into the professions commensurate with their level of education, they did very well for themselves. They still love the Shah's Iran and would go back tomorrow if that era was restored, regardless of what they personally had to suffer.

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