Sunday, December 27, 2015

Renegade Roundtable with Kyle Hunt and Robert Reyvolt 12-26-15

Kyle speaks with Robert Reyvolt from Incendiary Radio about a wide variety of subjects: reviewing 2016, the Black Lives Matter movement, the White reactionaries, the alternative right, gun grabbers, Donald Trump, and much more. Note: the Simpsons clip referenced in the show was actually from 2015, not 2000, though a Donald Trump presidency is referenced back then. Apologies for not better fact-checking; Kyle needs a bigger team.     Show-page



Bryan said...

Bring back Giuliani.

Zeetip said...

CG's shows are all at

I say bring back Rense & Duke shows, esp Rense!

Ed Karout said...

I agree

badbeta said...
you can get all the latest rense shows here