Monday, December 7, 2015

Ralph Rene : The Moon Hoax - Raw Interview

Bart Sibrel's unedited interview with moon landing hoax proponent, Mensa member, and author of "NASA Mooned America" 

Rene discusses numerous scientific reasons why he is convinced that the alleged manned moon landings of the Nixon administration were a Cold War bluff and distractor from the unpopular Vietnam War. 

 Note: This is the second part of the interview I posted a few days ago. Rene wrote one of the early books on the moon hoax and provides different but collaborative evidence from Bill Kaysing's.

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Mami said...

I think someone should do a video or write a book trying to forensically proving we went to the moon. I think the flimsy evidence would do more to prove they didn't go, then not.

Way more evidence of a hoax, then evidence of actually men stepping foot on the moon.