Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Realist Report with John Friend 12/16/2015

John was joined by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. They discussed a variety of subjects, including the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race, Andrew's recent interview with Dave Gahary of American Free Press, and the importance of supporting the pro-White independent media.

The second segment of this interview is Exclusive Members Only Content.




1776blues said...

What a damn shame we can only get half the interview. I realize John needs money but his fees cost more than Red Ice Radio. I only subscribe to Red Ice after I see a build up of shows I'm interested in.

I wish him luck in what he's trying to do.

Negentropic said...


His "fees" are 75 for a lifetime subscription. And John being John, I'm sure he will honor that to the day either all his online activities or he himself "break on to the other side." That's just 10 months of Rense at the old rates when I was a member (pre-2011) of the Rense, Wash & Rinse Hair Club for Sasquatch & the UFO community. lol

Shit! I spent more than that on my weed supply alone last night at the dispensary across the street. And the Saturday night before that I went to a club, picked up the tab for my friends and spent over a hundred bucks. And the Friday before that I took a girl out and that cost over a hundred bucks. And everywhere I went, there were people, apparently with brains in their heads, all "spending" the money they "earned" by more-or-less unknowingly working within and perpetuating a toxic system that has to be overhauled completely, by becoming invested deeply in their own eventual demise and doom.

John is doing the opposite, day-in-&-day-out and you won't send him a measly 75 bucks for a lifetime of audio education and entertainment? That's 7 meals at a burger joint or 2 meals and a couple of drinks at a nice restaurant. The only excuse would be if you were completely broke, as in down-&-out-&-living-on-people's-couches-or-on-the-street yourself.

Wishing people "luck" doesn't put food on the table and certainly not any healthy or non-toxic food. Helping your brother, and a brother in spirit is more important than a brother in blood in my book, is helping yourself.

And if people of the level of integrity of John Friend are not your friend and brother, then who is?

Sure, they're not perfect and sometimes they promote toxic ideologies like CI, but are you? How many mistakes have we all made and continue to make and must make in order to keep growing?

Non-conformists make ten times the mistakes of conformists and suffer ten times as much but only non-conformists have ever been worth a damn or ever will be. It is within the ranks of the non-conformists that all real scientists and artists and creatives come. The choice is intelligent non-conformity paving the roads to new horizons and poetry or conformity on the paved road of slavery and the shekel-shackles getting tighter every day.

If you can't help people like John with symbols of your energy, printed by Jews, that feed and cloth and keep warm, then give your energy indirectly through time, by spreading awareness of John's website. If your ideology is similar to John's in enough areas that outweigh the areas that might be clashing, then his growth is your growth and why would you deny yourself the nutrition for growth?

Shit! (the second Shit! of this short essay, nothing like Shit! to keep you grounded)It's a lot easier to pull out 75 bucks than to spend all that time online that will cost you far more than 75 dollars in money earned. In terms of time spent, I've lost many tens of thousands of dollars by spending it online instead of wheeling and dealing for cheeseburgers and tacos on the street or at some slave "bees-nest."

So don't forget your real "realist" friends during this holiday season while you're buying and sending all kinds of silly presents to people you haven't even seen for 10 years just so they think you're an inconsiderate asshole (lol):

John Friend
P.O. Box 35
Poway, CA 92074

Negentropic said...

Correction: "just so they DON'T think you're an inconsiderate asshole (lol):

The Realist Report said...

Damn Negentropic, thanks man! That was an awesome response to 1776blues!

1776blues and others, I have uploaded my entire archive of past radio programs to my website. Subscribing gives you access to all of them, plus future special members only content. The vast majority of the podcasts on my site (95%) are FREE. And yes, $75 is a small "fee" to help support what I'm doing.

Thanks again Neg, I appreciate your kind words!

t brad said...

i'm waiting for john friend to turn 40. then we'll see if he wants everyone 40 and over to die as he stated on air in feb. 2013 with keith and rich. will he do himself in or change his mind, that is the question and am waiting on the edge of my seat. i'm hoping its the former and not the later honestly.

The Realist Report said...

LOL, t brad you have been making this same exact claim against me for literally YEARS now. I never said anything like this! Again, please link and cite EXACTLY when and where I made this statement. Quote me verbatim please.

Erik Paul said...

OK, I got 75 clams. Do I send it to John or do I score some of that fantastic hothouse weed? Hmmmm...I need some help with this...

Negentropic said...

@Realist Report

You're welcome John.

Those interviews you did with the alleged San Bernardino "shooting" witnesses just blew me away. Complete strangers instinctively sense your honesty and trust you face-to-face. Within one day of work, you gathered solid, on-video evidence that the witness reports clash both with the official narrative and each others. None of them seemed like Harley-guy or Howard-Lutnick type plants, just regular people who lived in the neighborhood and told you their experience of it, whatever "it" was. That was real investigative journalism, worthy of a Hunter Thompson and James Agee and Robert Fisk, and this was just your first attempt on video. But 75 dollars for a lifetime membership? What are you trying to do John? Get rich off our hard work? lol Just like I told Brandon "ZCF" Martinez:

You have to realize that you are employed by the truther community now and the closer your message gets to mainstream troofers (or mainstream WN in John's case), the larger your donations are likely to get. That's because people like to use money to control others, to make others corrupt to various degrees like themselves. You have to not get disappointed and cynical and resist the temptation to prostitute yourself, but if you persevere you'll end up working for the best people, those in the market for integrity, those who will not make any demands on you except for demonstrating honesty to the best of your ability.

I'm in the market for integrity, have been for as long as I can remember. But now I also know how to tell the difference between real integrity and "limited-hangout" counterfeit "integrity." What these other guys, who'd rather have you slave away 8 hours-a-day at some minimum-wage job only to get fired as soon as some Jew snitch makes a phone call, are in the market for, I have no idea.

Negentropic said...


Keef & Rich? Last I heard, one guy was in his own beesnest detailing cars and the other one was teaching incognito at some school in Jersey when he wasn't pumping iron and laughing at what "small" girly-men all the other guys were in his gym compared to himself. They sure as shit weren't fired from any jobs that I know of. Keef's real name became known due to a video he did before he woke up to all the BS somebody else posted on you tube, so he ran off before he lost all his business and livelihood.

John didn't run off anywhere. John's been fired twice and come back stronger than ever.

And what if he did speculate on people over 40 dying off so what a new generation without the same impenetrable brainwashing can more easily be de-conditioned to value their heritage and fight to keep the spiritual and ideological foundations of freedom their forefathers established? So what? If you're over 40 and awake, like I am, I'm sure he wasn't referring to us. He was just updating for that special occasion only "talking bout my generation" like Townshend and Daltrey.


Comedians always deserve long answers.

You should send the 75 clams to John, because truth is only arrived at from the root to the branches (truth = to the root), and if it wasn't for freedom-fighters like John, whose activity is hacking at roots and foundational in nature and includes all categories of freedom of choice, including those choices which only harm yourself and no one else, you'd still be buying weed with seeds and stems from your neighborhood dealer and getting arrested for smoking a single joint made out of those inferior ingredients. A lot more than 75 clams might then be required to bail your comedian ass out of the jailhouse where 300 pound cell-mates are giving you dirty looks. lol

Only those who do not serve the system really de-serve anything out of the ordinary, since their contributions are usually tabulated in spiritual terms and Jews maintain their power through reducing everything down to materialism, the realm they are the supreme dictators of with their monopoly on legalized usury and counterfeiting. What inner-fluencies are likely to lay the foundation to make you freer in spirit? Cultivate those inner-fluencies and remember, weed grows everywhere with no care whatsoever anyway even if non of the expert growers in Humboldt County were around & hippies never existed. People like John Friend and Kyle Hunt and Robert Reyvolt and Sinead McCarthy and Simon Shack and Lenon Honor and John le Bon do not grow on trees, never mind everywhere like weeds. They are not easy to replace, although their boundless generosity born of spiritual motivation makes people take them for granted.

If you only learn one lesson from people like John, it should be that all payments are ultimately spiritual in nature and out of spiritual growth and mental sovereignty comes every other benefit.

The Realist Report said...

Hey negentrooic, does that mean you will purchase a lifetime membership? Or have you already? :)

t brad said...

well john it was real handy you scrubbed that show from the archieves now ain't it. too many of us heard you that night on air so there is no denying it. too bad you still got like 10 or 12 years to go to 40.....i was hoping for 1 year or less. oh well...nobody that heard your that night listens to your shows anyway so fuck it....just get to 40 is all i ask. peace chicken lips.

the seeker said...

Even though I question much of what John Friend says,I do believe that he is a dedicated,hard working,well researched young man.On the other hand there is Rich from Truth Militia with a new website trying to collect big dollars along with his idiot pal Joe Northpal off the backs of his listeners with providing very little to no research at all to back up what he says.Rich insults and degrades our people constantly and says that he is only catering to real he-men that are willing to fork over money to listen to his bullshit tirades.No facts,no footnotes,just rhetoric and this guy has the audacity to say to his listeners that they can't get this kind of information anywhere else.

No donation,no hear the podcast.But the podcast where he and his Pal were talking about millions of dollars setting everyone up for donations,that podcast was open to the public free,pleading to his listeners to get it viral.He is done talking about Jews,that is what sissies do.No more talking about Jews.No more talk of Hitler.Just talk about weak white men.

He is supposedly forging a million dollar information center that will rival the Mainstream.Meanwhile his PAL cannot even get his audio levels right on his [free to him] Talk Shoe account.

I thank John for allowing the first hour of the podcast to be heard free,unlike these Joisey hustler,shit talkers.I will be sending John the 70 bucks.I appreciate his efforts and his humility

The Realist Report said...

Hi the seeker, thanks for the feedback. I can't comment on Rich and Joe Northpal's idea because I am not really familiar with it. I will check out the podcast you mentioned and see what those guys are up to.

The vast majority of the podcasts on my website are and will remain free. Only certain podcasts will be for paid subscribing members. And I anticipate that will be two or three times per month.

I hope you and others do consider subscription to help support the work I'm doing. I'd like to do more independent investigations, video reports, etc. and of course that requires some amount of money.

Thanks again!

Erik Paul said...


Heck, for a geezer like Neg your basic membership could easily turn out to be a "lifetime membership."

Given the sheer volume of wind he regularly expells it doesn't seem he could have all that much left.

Negentropic said...


Well, as you already know but some of the people here might not: me, Delcroix, Wanda, Foon and even Scorpio are now lifetime members because while they were hemming and hawing and spending many thousands of dollars worth of energy in "truther" sites per week, without opening a single wallet to quantify it with green paper, I had the realization that supporting heroic individuals such as yourself, Kyle Hunt, Simon Shack, Lenon Honor, Germar Rudolf, etc., to continue to aspire to do heroic things is, for me, the opposite of spending shekels (energy symbols printed & interested on by Jews)to shackle my spirit with material sludge , it is like getting gifts of spiritual re-generation and synergetic (wholes greater than sum of the parts) strength from Santa Claus. lol

@Erik Paul

All that much what? Wind or shekels?

Since you barely write two lines at a time, and consider it a sign of higher intelligence to be frugal with time and verbal symbols, by your own silly logic, you should have plenty of shekels left over to vote what markets you support, all the markets opposed to integrity and for pragmatic scoundrelism, and plenty of wind to fart down anyone who has been talking herself coarse, trying to promote t-root (to the root and away from be-leaf) and spy-rite-ual health (no proper ritual = no "rite" way of doing things or method discovered in opposition to all that is wrung of all nutrition) to the masses to keep them from turning into asses.