Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dave McGowan Interview: Programmed To Kill

Fx n Mx In Conversation With Dave McGowan About His Book Programmed To Kill - The Politics of Serial Murder. McGowan delves into the concept of serial killers as a tool for social engineering and a convenient way to create mass fear and thus necessitate the need for greater  police presence. This interview was conducted sometime in 2015.

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Unknown said...

Were Dave and Dave's wife manipulated and destroyed because of Dave's books?

The Demonic Surveillance State is capable of:
1. destroying a marriage by sending a seducer (who is given details concerning the marriage based on the Demonic surveillance of cellphones, vehicles, nano-microphones);
2. manipulating a bank to prevent it from coming to terms with a mortgager;
3. cancer'ing a target;
4. creating additional "last straw" financial stresses with car accidents, etc;
5. gangstalking.

Something is rotten inside the canyon....and across Masonik Amerika.

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting. Read this book years ago--definitely worth the read, though quite disturbing.

alcoe said...

has anyone ever heard dave mcgowan in an interview address what the source was
for the william colby quote about the cia owning the media.
i was trying to find the source and there doesn't seem to be one other than him.
he always sounded very honest and sincere and was always interesting to listen to as
well as read his stuff.

also, thank you for all the work you guys do running this site.its probably the best on the
web for great audio downloads.i also really enjoyed the round table.
i can't wait for #15!