Saturday, January 23, 2016

...& now,the *REAL* reason Western Governments have been falling over themselves to admit hoards of illegal migrants: IMF's Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages

Send Them All Back to their Countries of Origin Before It's Too Late.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday released a report urging the European countries accepting a majority of refugees to "temporarily" (*Yeah,Right!) pay them less than minimum wage. In its report, the IMF recommended implementing a short-term differentiation between asylum seekers and EU citizens, by way of "temporary and limited derogations of the minimum wage for refugees." That would entail giving wage subsidies to companies to employ individuals migrating to Europe to escape war, poverty, and state violence from the Middle East and North Africa, or adopting "temporary exceptions to minimum or entry level wages" for those already hired.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

The IMF involved? Why should any one be at all surprised that the Rothschild attack dog is involved in this fleecing and destruction of Europe.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Khazarian elite won't be satisfied until they destroy Europe like they did with WWI and WWII, the shitfest in Ukraine was made by the Jews to start WWIII with Russia and the refugee crisis come from the Zio Wars in the Middle-East.

Scorpio said...

Low wages and destroying the social fabric of Europe. Its a twofer!

Allat Goddess said...

They Work!? That's a go joke.
With them working the whole of Eur. and the West will really go to hell! That's the fall of the West.

Anywhoo work will make them sick.

Adolf Dickson said...

If they undercut wages taking indigenous people out of jobs, who is going to buy the goods produced? They cannot on slave wages we cannot without income, then who?

foon1e said...

AD - Isn't it obvious? They've been assiduously preparing The Slaves For decades to accept living in "Debt" as the "Normal" state of being in the West. All this Migration will do is bring a new generation of "Debt-Slaves" under the control of the Central Rothschild Banks. Thus providing the Corporations who really rule behind your Governments with a steady stream of "Consumers" willing to mortgage their own futures to have the luxuries and comforts of Western Living. The Corporations therefore increase their profit-Streams;The Governments increase their taxation Intake, and the Notion of "Nationality" goes the way of the Dodo as the races and nations are Blended together into a polyglot melange,willing to be "World Citizens" Under a "One World Government". This has been the end game for the NWO all along. We're just witnessing all the pieces coming together now.