Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Flat Earth Conspiracy - The Truth that Dare Not Speak it's Name

A New Generation of Cyber Lee Harvey Oswalds are being Identified and Groomed for Eventual Activation

Audio here


Thomas Sheridan's You Tube

A View from the Bog


Ognir said...

Cheers Del

Russian secret intel services running the FE movement
Italian mafia JFK

Flat-earthers will be the next sirhan sirhan

Don't know what to make of that
Would need more clarification before calling bullshit on it

Saying that, he did describe the FEers fairly well


WWS said...

Either the idea of "equality" is being inculcated into folks by the jew (or whoever), or it is already within us to begin with, or both. No matter which, we must, each of us, acknowledge this truth to our own selves first, and then to the others:

There is NO equality!

Bad ideas, irrational hypotheses, etc. should not be given "equal time" with the others. These things are often created as tools of division and diversion, or if randomly begun, they are promoted as such, all to increasingly cover for kikejew scheming.

FE is one of their current psyops. Such idiotic ideas must be dumped ASAP. Too much talk, especially about this kind of BS, merely means more obfuscation of evil kikejew machinations.


Erik Paul said...

Excellent presentation! I almost passed it by when I saw Flat Earth in the title, thinking it was just more embarrassingly moronic bullshit.

...so glad I listened and I think there are a number of other mamists who need to hear it as well.

larry said...

Although the flat earth trend is obvious bullshit psy op, this idiot just did them a giant favor with this ridiculous broadcast. The Italian mafia are geniuses who killed JFK? LOL!!!! Thomas Sheridan is a massive obvious Mossad shill who thinks the official story of 911 is true and Sandy hook was legit.

wanda said...

Christ... he is despondent over the shape of the ert? I never did have a sense of purpose till i learnt the ert is flat. Now i feel bad... being all responsible for Thomas Sheridan going round the bend... me being a woman and all.

VT Saxon said...

Wow I think he should sail around the world. Set up a go fund me site. The sun setting is the key..

Chainsawmillerman said...

TS is riding the flat earth wave to spout his bulshit. He did a great job on the psychopath talks. After that I got tired of his own flawed and fallacious conclusions.

wanda said...


I completely agree. For a time after that he was somewhat amusing, but then he started playing with his little djins and i thought to myself that was the beginning of the end. Sure enough... he's been off kilter since then... not that i don't think that was put on, i am pretty sure it was. Gots to keep us barefoot and superstitious.

Chainsawmillerman said...

Hi Wanda,

Yeah... Funny he prefaces the show with his other "Important show" then he sets up "his friend's" cred, that has profound insight into the flat earth "agenda".
My own observation is why do so many people worry that there is investigation into this? Can people no longer handle more than one conspiracy at a time? I personally am getting to the point that I don't "believe" anything. I build tube amps play music do conspiracy research "shrugs" am I going to change the world? No, but my world view has changed and so my world has too, for the better I think.

Drew Carter said...

Thanks so much to Mami for posting this. It's the funniest Youtube I've ever seen. Mr. Sheridan's secret source is in British Intel .. who was involved in Yugoslavia and Ireland. Ironic that British Intel.. provided the bombs to the Ira. Yugoslavia was just another intel operation that became the U.S.'s 34th war after WWII!

Higlights: If You disagree with Israel in Gaza .. You are being controlled by Iran's SAVAK.. who removed Mossadeq and placed the Shah of Iran ant the SAVAK which murdered 100's of thousands ... The U.S. intelligence group the CIA with Kermit Roosevelt who brags about it on the Cia.gov sight.

Nasa is really cool and if You don't believe in the moon landing You are being controlled by Soviets.

Thomas keeps mentioning Gaslighting .. his broadcast includes more Gaslighting than I've heard in years!

The CIA had to create laurel canyon to stop Russian Intel from doing the same thing.

My stomach is sore from laughing, and my brain is just lighting up with the hypocrisy of this idiot!

Thomas keeps on talking about flat earthers being a joke, He is the biggest Joke I have ever heard! I'm sure His MI6 check is in the mail. ;) Thanks Mami!

Drew Carter said...

I stopped counting how many times Mr. Sheridan used the term "Gaslighting"!

From Dictionary.com >>to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation: >>

Mr. Sheridan uses gaslighting more than He mentions it! I found that fascinating!

Henry said...

Sounds like Tommy's been "gaslighted"...

Amerikaner said...

I believe you are right on the mark with your last paragraph there. The powerful scheming of world jewry IS the biggest evil and most intricate 'conspiracy' that we must confront. There is none more tremendous. So it seems to me that the real intention of this new Flat Earth 'truth movement' is to take attention completely off the jewry problem by saying "Look at US. Look at THIS. HERE is the biggest conspiracy that far eclipses EVERYTHING ELSE evil that is going on in the world - this 'GLOBE' conspiracy!!!

Futurist said...

I used to think Thomas Sheridan was okay until he went through his entire Facebook friends list of 1000's and blocked everybody who was friends with Jan Irvin.
The fact that he was motivated to be that petty was surprising.

Futurist said...

Got around to listening to the audio. Interesting theory about the flat earth movement being promoted by Russian intelligence as a way to tarnish NASA (which is the PR arm of the military side of the USA's space programme).

Just ignoring flat earth and hoping it will go away. Even the moon landing is a side issue, I think priorities are important.